Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Transgender/Gay Agenda Mandated in Virginia School

For the second time in as many months, the Fairfax County (Virginia) School Board defied the majority of citizens by turning up the volume on Gay Agenda indoctrination, starting in the 7th grade.  While keeping the public guessing, and causing conflicting media reports, the School Board injected new sexual perversion education into the curricula and repeatedly shifted several aspects to and from mandatory classes, thus forbidding parents from opting their children out.

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-- From "Fairfax School Board approves adding transgender topic to teens’ class" by T. Rees Shapiro, education reporter, Washington Post 6/26/15

The 10-to-2 vote Thursday night came amid shouts of anger and howls of frustration from a raucous crowd that largely stood in opposition to the curriculum changes.

The board’s decision centered on changes to the Family Life Education curriculum across all grades. The revisions included adding lessons on gender issues for middle and high school students. But some of those who opposed the changes questioned whether the revisions would trickle down to the lower grades.

Opponents also expressed concern that some of the revisions would move certain sensitive lessons out of the Family Life Education curriculum and into health class, which would remove parents’ ability to opt-out their children from learning the material. The health class is a required course; Family Life Education is not.

At the last minute, the board moved ahead and overwhelmingly voted in support of the lesson changes, with Reed and Schultz the only votes against the new curriculum. In a slight concession, the board also voted to move some of the earlier proposed lessons back to their original place in the Family Life Education curriculum, allowing parental opt-outs for children.

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From "Va. County Imposes Transgender Lessons On Middle Schoolers" by Kerry Picket, Reporter, Daily Caller 6/30/15

Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth Schultz, one of the two dissenting votes on the curriculum change vote, told The Daily Caller that the curriculum committee, which is not a committee of the school board, spent a year going through particular sections of the family life education curriculum and recommended to the board to move parts of the family life curriculum, which included gender identity and transgender issues, over to the health curriculum.

“Once you move something out of family life, the family life education curriculum delivery method and into a health curriculum, by default, a parent no longer has the right to opt out,” Schultz said. ”And so there were huge sections, not just of the more controversial topics but even basic things about family units and emotions and social development they suggested to move to the health curriculum.”

The Fairfax School system is the nation’s tenth largest. According to one local outlet, classes pertaining to personal development (emotions/feelings, self-image, self-concept, personal characteristics, skills to work and play successfully in a community), healthy relationships (includes conflict resolution skills), respecting individual differences (disabilities, ethnicities, cultures), and mental health issues like depression and suicide, were all moved to from family life to the health curriculum.

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From "Health Curriculum To More Closely Align with State" by Tim Peterson, Virginia Connection Newspapers 6/26/15

At the board’s regular meeting on June 25, the first and foremost action item was voting on recommended changes to the Family Life Education and health education curricula for grades Kindergarten through 10. The changes were proposed by the Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee, an ad hoc group set up, according to the School Board, to align the school system’s lessons with Virginia Department of Education health standards and evaluate new standards for opt-out-optional Family Life Education.

Changes included adding gender identity and sexual orientation to Family Life Education, beginning in seventh grade, as well as moving a portion of the curriculum from Family Life Education to students’ health courses. Parents may opt their students out of any Family Life Education class, while the health lessons are mandatory for all students.

Between May 21 and June 19, the recommendations were put online for community review. During that period, the School Board reports, staff received 561 emails, plus a petition signed by 116. It amounted to 225 pages of citizen comments, all of which can be viewed and read through the School Board’s agenda notes for the June 25 meeting.

Among the breakdown of responses (also posted in the June 25 agenda notes) 435 were opposed to “inclusion of transgender instruction and references to gender-fluidity,” while 54 supported “inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity instruction.”

[Citizens speaking] before the board claimed many of the curriculum items coming out of Family Life Education and into health were not actually required as part of the state standards of learning. And the prospect of losing the opportunity to opt their children out of material not required by the state was infuriating for some.

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