Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Girl Sues Virginia School to Use Boys Restroom

Leading to the next Supreme Court Gay Agenda battle . . .

After a female high school student claiming to be male caused restroom-use complaints, the Gloucester County (Virginia) School Board decided to construct not one, but three restrooms at Gloucester High School to accommodate "transgender students," but given
the recent edict from the Obama administration, that acquiescence wasn't good enough for the sexual revolutionaries.  The ACLU has filed suit against the school on behalf of Gavin Grimm who demands that she be allowed to use the boys restrooms and locker rooms/showers.
"My case is the first of its kind, so I'm hoping if we win it will set a legal precedent for others in similar situations.  I've also got a lot of support and messages from other trans teens telling me I've given them inspiration and courage to come out in their lives, so I'm happy it's positively impacting other people."
-- Gavin Grimm, 16-year-old student
UPDATE 10/13/15: Illinois School Rejects Fed's Forcing Boy into Girls Shower

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-- From "Transgender student sues Virginia school, citing restroom policy" by Sharon Song, KRON-TV4 (San Francisco, CA) & Associated Press 6/11/15

The American Civil Liberties Union is representing Gavin Grimm in the lawsuit against the Gloucester County School Board. The complaint says the 16-year-old student used the communal restrooms without incident until the board, responding to complaints from local residents, adopted a policy in December requiring transgender students to use a private facility.

The ACLU said the lawsuit is the first of its kind in Virginia, but several similar cases have been brought in other state courts and at least two in federal courts elsewhere.

According to the complaint in the Virginia lawsuit, Grimm was designated female at birth but has a male gender identity. It says he has been diagnosed as having gender dysphoria, a medical condition characterized by distress stemming from conflict between a person’s gender identity and the person’s assigned sex at birth.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and an order allowing Grimm to use the boys’ restrooms.

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From "ACLU sues Virginia school board for discriminatory transgender restroom policy" posted at Augusta Free Press 6/11/15

The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Virginia filed a lawsuit against the Gloucester County School Board for adopting a discriminatory bathroom policy that segregates transgender students from their peers. The policy effectively expels trans students from communal restrooms and requires them to use “alternative private” restroom facilities.

The case was filed on behalf of Gavin Grimm, a transgender male student at Gloucester High School who will begin his junior year this fall. The lawsuit argues the bathroom policy is unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment and violates Title IX of the U.S. Education Amendments of 1972, a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination by schools.

As part of Gavin’s medical treatment for severe gender dysphoria, Gavin and his mother notified administrators of his male gender identity at the beginning of his sophomore year so that he could socially transition in all aspects of his life. With permission from school administrators, Gavin used the boys’ restroom for almost two months without any incident. But after receiving complaints from some parents and residents of Gloucester County, the school board adopted the new policy on December 9, 2014, by a vote of 6-1, despite warnings from the ACLU.

The ACLU previously filed a federal discrimination complaint with the Department of Justice and Department of Education in December 2014. The investigation remains ongoing.

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From "Transgender Teen Sues Virginia School Board for Allegedly Not Allowing Him to Use Boys Room" by Avianne Tan, ABC News 6/11/15

A transgender teen from Virginia is suing the Gloucester County school board for allegedly discriminating against him by adopting a bathroom policy that doesn't allow him to use the boys room, a move that "undermines his social transition," according to court documents and the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed the suit today.

Last August, [Gavin Grimm, 16,] says he told the school in Gloucester that he was a boy and received permission to use the boys' restroom from the principal shortly after.

But a policy change on Dec. 9, 2014 barred him from using the bathroom of his choice, the court complaint explains.

"It shall be the practice of the GCPS to provide male and female restroom and locker room facilities in its schools, and the use of said facilities shall be limited to the corresponding biological genders," the school board announced, according to the complaint, "and students with gender identity issues shall be provided an alternative appropriate private facility."

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From "15-year-old girl sues to force Virginia school district to let her use boys’ bathroom" by Dustin Siggins, LifeSiteNews 6/12/15

The ACLU says the school violated Title IX, a 1972 law that bars sexual discrimination. In April 2014, the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights changed how it interpreted gender identity, making it a protected class under federal law. . . . [but law experts say] that the change to Title IX "is not legally binding" and was "politically motivated."

The ACLU also says Grimm's 14th Amendment rights were violated.

However, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney Jeremy Tedesco told LifeSiteNews, "We do not believe either claim will be successful."

"A federal court in Pennsylvania recently rejected a similar lawsuit filed by a transgender student seeking access to restrooms at a college," said Tedesco, "ruling that 'separating students by sex based on biological considerations … for restroom and locker room use simply does not violate the Equal Protection Clause.'"

"The court rejected the Title IX claim for the same reason. It also highlighted that Title IX’s implementing regulations state that schools do not violate Title IX when they 'provide separate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on the basis of sex.'"

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