Saturday, June 13, 2015

Obama's Sexually Confused White House Appointees

As President Obama declares June LGBT Pride Month, he appoints attorney Shannon Minter, a woman born in 1961 who has pretended to be a man for over 25 years, to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships to "tackle the important challenges facing America."  Minter argued against natural marriage before the California Supreme Court in 2009 and celebrates the opening of employee restrooms and showers to perverts by this month's mandate by Obama's Department of Labor.

Minter, who has been "married" to a woman since 2001 and has a step daughter, obviously still has XX (female) chromosomes.

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-- From "Obama Appoints Transgender Attorney Shannon Minter To White House Commission" by Jennifer Bendery, Huffington Post 6/8/15

Minter, who is the legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights [NCLR], has been lead counsel in a number of legal wins for the LGBT community. He gained national attention in 2001 when he represented the lesbian partner of Diane Whipple in a wrongful death case stemming from a dog mauling. That case resulted in a landmark decision in California that extended tort claims to same-sex domestic partners.

The Commission on White House Fellowships interviews and then recommends people to the president for appointment as White House Fellows, who typically spend a year as full-time, paid assistants to senior White House staff.

Minter is one of a number of transgender appointees in the Obama administration. Others include Amanda Simpson and Shawn Skelly at the Defense Department and Jay Davis at the Environmental Protection Agency.

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From "Shannon Minter, attorney in Miami-Dade same-sex marriage case, gets presidential appointment" by Steve Rothaus, Miami Herald 6/8/15

Minter was one of the lead attorneys for six gay and lesbian couples and Equality Florida Institute in the 2014 lawsuit that helped lead to same-sex marriage in Florida. The couples who successfully sued Miami-Dade County Clerk Harvey Ruvin for marriage licenses: Catherina Pareto and Karla Arguello; Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez and David Price; Vanessa and Melanie Alenier; Todd and Jeff Delmay; Summer Greene and Pamela Faerber; and Don Price Johnston and Jorge Isaias Diaz.

“We wanted folks who could just be representative of the community and who were in different life situations,” Minter, a transgender man, told the Miami Herald in January 2014. “One of our couples is dealing with aging issues. We wanted to show couples raising children. One of our couples has grandchildren. They work in all different fields. They’re culturally diverse.”

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From "EEOC Sends Message to Private Sector On Transgender Workers' Restroom Rights" by Patrick Dorrian, Daily Labor Report, Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs 6/10/15

Private sector employers that don't respect a transgender worker's choice of restroom to use run the risk of claims and potential liability under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, employment lawyers and advocates told Bloomberg BNA in a series of interviews.

Shannon Minter of the National Center for Lesbian Rights in San Francisco told Bloomberg BNA June 2 that, up until now, the denial of restroom rights “has probably been the most common problem” his organization “has been contacted about” by transgender workers.

[Minter] believes employers are starting to understand the issue [that] recent workplace developments regarding LGBT employees will continue to raise employer awareness and recognition of transgender workers' restroom rights.

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. . . in related news:

From "7 Homosexual U.S. Ambassadors: Trade Deals Should Advance LGBTI Rights" by Patrick Goodenough, 6/10/15:

The seven, joined by the State Department’s first “special envoy for LGBTI persons,” Randy Berry, signed a joint letter published Tuesday in the national gay and lesbian news magazine The Advocate, and re-posted by the White House.

The seven joining Berry are Ambassador to Dominican Republic James Brewster, Ambassador to Spain James Costos, Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford, Ambassador to Australia John Berry, Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius, Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Daniel Baer, and Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Robert Holleyman.

“As the seven openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex U.S. Ambassadors and the Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons, this approach is particularly important to us.”

The signatories said they were proud to be part of an administration “deeply committed” to advancing the human rights of LGBTI people, citing President Obama’s recent comment – in a statement marking International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – that “all people deserve to live free from fear, violence, and discrimination, regardless of who they are or whom they love.”

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