Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gov't Pays $275,000 for Pro-lifers' False Arrests

The town of Jackson, the state of Wyoming and government insurance will have paid a total of more than a quarter million dollars to settle lawsuits in the U.S. District Court in Cheyenne brought by Rev. Chester E. Gallagher of Las Vegas, Nevada, Rev. Mark Holick of Wichita Kansas, and Operation Save America.  In 2012, Justice Michael Golden wrote the Wyoming Supreme Court ruling saying the arrests by the Jackson police in 2011, based on a lower court order banning pro-life protesting in the town square, violated free speech rights.

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-- From "Nevada reverend reaches settlement with Jackson over arrest" by Ben Neary, Associated Press 6/23/15

[The $50,000 settlement for Rev. Gallagher is] "a victory for the rule of law because the Bill of Rights serves as a restraint on government, not the people," [attorney Jack Edwards] said on Tuesday.

The protesters had targeted Jackson — displaying photos of aborted fetuses — because a physician there [Dr. Brent Blue] was the only one in the state who had been open about his willingness to perform abortions as part of his medical practice. The anti-abortion protest was staged the same weekend as a traditional Boy Scout auction of elk antlers.

Jackson town attorney Audrey Cohen-Davis declined through her office to comment Tuesday on the most recent settlement. A receptionist said Cohen-Davis referred questions to a lawyer representing the Wyoming Local Government Liability Pool. That lawyer didn't immediately respond to a phone message seeking comment.

The Rev. Rusty Thomas, director of Operation Save America, said Tuesday in his 30 years of protesting to end abortions, he has seen perhaps 10 situations that could have led to legitimate lawsuits against different cities.

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From "Jackson, state pay to settle abortion protest case" by David Edwards, Casper Star-Tribune staff writer 4/26/14

The [$225,000] settlement was announced Friday by Etna attorney Jack Edwards, who was part of the legal team representing Mark Holick. The lawsuit was prompted by Holick's 2011 arrest on the Jackson town square during an event the protesters called States of Refuge.

Jackson authorities issued a restraining order barring protesters from Spirit One Christian Ministries and Operation Save America from assembling on or near the square without a permit.

Holick's lawsuit named the arresting officer, Jackson Police Chief Todd Smith, and the town itself as defendants.

Holick said the town tried for two months to prosecute him and the other pastor who was arrested. The charges eventually were dropped.

But the town's leaders and police officers never showed willingness to admit that they might have made a mistake, Holick said, adding that it was just the opposite.

"The town fought (to justify) the issuance of the restraining order tooth-and-nail in front of the (state) Supreme Court," he said.

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UPDATE 10/22/15: Pro-lifers Muzzled, Costing Portland, Maine $56,500