Thursday, November 06, 2014

'Abortion Barbie' Candidate NOT Attractive to Women

Although Texas state Senator Wendy Davis became the beloved doll face of the abortion-supporting media for her filibuster against a new pro-life state law last year, this week her failed Democrat candidacy for governor proved ineffective among Texas female voters.
"I don't understand at this point where we lost [the women's vote]."
-- Patsy Woods Martin, executive director of Annie's List (heavy financial contributor to Davis)

“There was this belief after 2012 that if you waved this turnout wand you would wake up some progressive majority. It didn’t exist.”
-- Glenn Smith, Democrat consultant, Austin, TX
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-- From "Wendy Davis lost badly. Here’s how it happened" by Jay Root, The Texas Tribune (Washington Post) 11/6/14

[The Wendy Davis campaign strategy:] Thanks to the filibuster, Davis was already well-known, so she wouldn’t have to spend so much money pumping up her name ID. With [incumbent Governor Rick] Perry declining to seek re-election, Davis was competing in the first open governor’s race since [Ann] Richards was elected. Her opponent, while exceptionally well-funded, was largely untested in high-profile political battles.

. . . for more than a year, Democrats were crowing that with a well-funded turnout operation, Davis was the kind of candidate who could at least move the needle for the bedraggled party, which hadn’t won a statewide election since 1994. In one sense they were correct: She moved the needle, all right — backward.

The spread between [governor-elect] Attorney General Greg Abbott and Davis exceeded 20 points, greater than the split between Republican Gov. Rick Perry and Democrat Bill White in the historic tea party wave four years ago. In fact, it was the worst showing by a Democratic gubernatorial candidate since Garry Mauro’s 68 percent-to-31 percent drubbing at the hands of George W. Bush in 1998.

If the campaign telegraphed early caution on the abortion issue, Davis threw it to the wind two months out from Election Day, when she released a memoir about her own late abortion in 1997. She went on a weeklong book tour that inevitably focused on abortion rights, followed up by another week spent on the same subject — namely, bashing Abbott for opposing abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

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From "Texas' Davis failed to move needle with women" by Paul J. Weber, Associated Press 11/6/14

Exit polls show Davis fared no better with women than her male Democratic predecessor in 2010, despite being one of the most recognizable female candidates in the U.S. and a campaign that aggressively courted women with gender issues and attention-grabbing ads.

Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott won 54 percent of female voters — roughly the same edge Gov. Rick Perry had with women four years ago. And Abbott's advantage wasn't just among Republican women: He carried roughly double the support that Davis pulled with women who described themselves as politically independent.

Abbott clobbered Davis by a 20-point margin that is the widest in a Texas governor's race since George W. Bush coasted to re-election in 1998. The Fort Worth state senator was a perennial underdog, but few expected her to finish worse than a string of lesser-known longshots whom Texas Democrats have put at the top of the ticket in their two hapless decades since Ann Richards.

[Davis] hammered Abbott, the state attorney general, on equal pay in his office and denounced him for not supporting a Texas version of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. She spent two weeks touring rape crisis centers. Her first statewide TV ad featured a shadowy dramatization of a vacuum cleaner salesman who raped a Texas mother whom Abbott later sided against in a lawsuit when he was a Texas Supreme Court justice.

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From "Wendy Davis, Face of the Phony 'War on Women' Mantra, Loses With Women" by Steven Ertelt, 11/5/14

Wendy Davis was the canary in the coal mine. Poll after poll showed she had virtually no chance of winning the Texas gubernatorial race even though the Planned Parenthood abortion business went out of its way to pump up her campaign.

Davis’ opponent, governor-elect Greg Abbott, won women by (at the time of this writing) 9 points, according to CNN exit polls. Davis only won unmarried women by 14 points, while Abbott won married women by 25 points.

As Marjorie Dannenfelser of SBA List told LifeNews, “Last night’s overwhelming victory for pro-life candidates showed the abortion-centered ‘war on women’ strategy has completely failed.”

“SBA List added a third pro-life woman to the Senate with Joni Ernst’s victory in Iowa. We strengthened pro-life women’s leadership in the House, electing women like Mia Love (UT-04) and Elise Stefanik (NY-21). Mia, the first black Republican congresswoman and Elise, the youngest woman ever elected to the House are both pro-life. Where is this so-called ‘war on women’?” she asked.

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