Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fla. Judgement-free Health Club Boots Pro-life Man

When Michael Amoroso, 70, wore attire from his collection of pro-life T-shirts into Planet Fitness in Orange City, Florida — Home of the Judgement Free Zone® — he was told to leave because his shirt reading “pray to end abortion” was offensive.

UPDATE 3/9/15: Michigan Planet Fitness Club Boots REAL Woman, Favors Transgender

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-- From "Man told to change or leave Planet Fitness after wearing anti-abortion shirts" posted at WFTV-TV9 (Orlando, FL) 11/17/14

. . . for Amoroso, it's about freedom of speech. He said he has nothing against women who chose abortion, but one day would like to see an end to abortions. He added that he's upset the shirts offended someone, but said at least it's starting a conversation about the topic.

"This doesn't deter you even though people are offended from wearing these?" asked [reporter Shannon] Butler.

"No, I might wear them more," said Amoroso.

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From "Planet Fitness Kicks Out Man From Gym Twice for Wearing 'Offensive' Pro-Life T-Shirt" by Steven Ertelt, 11/18/14

Planet Fitness is disclaiming any responsibility — saying its gyms are independently owned and operated.

Bryan Kemper, a pro-life activist with Stand True who is known for his extensive collection of pro-life t-shirts, talked with Amoroso.

“. . . Planet Fitness wants people to think they are a 'judgement free zone' while casting judgement on Michael for a pro-life t-shirt,” Kemper continued. “Michael’s shirt read, 'abortion kills a person' and he thought that if he wore a less abrasive shirt that maybe they would not cast judgement on him. He was wrong. Michael came back the next day wearing a shirt that read, 'pray to end abortion' and he was approached again and asked to leave.”

“. . . Michael is not yelling at people or trying to start debates in the gym, he simply works out and practices free speech with a t-shirt,” Kemper added.

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