Thursday, November 13, 2014

Virginia School Slow-walks Pro-life Club Approval

Lawyers have informed Principal Larry Marks of Courtland High School in Spotsylvania County that the inordinate delay in approval of senior student Madison Sutherland's “Students for Life” club would result in legal action against the school.
“By denying Maddie’s pro-life group on the grounds that it is not tied to the school’s curriculum, while allowing other non-curricular groups such as an equestrian club and lacrosse club, Courtland High School is violating their students’ First Amendment rights.”
-- Jocelyn Floyd, Associate Counsel, Thomas More Society
UPDATE 4/26/15: Iowa School Censors Pro-life Students' Rights, Lawyer Says

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-- From "Va. High School Denies Creation Of Right-To-Life Club" by Ben Smith, Daily Caller 11/12/14

Fed up with the stalling and the “fixes” that Sutherland has been waiting to receive, the Thomas More Society sent a letter to Marks demanding that he respond to the complaint by a Nov. 21 deadline or they will be taken to court.

Kristen Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America expressed concern over what she sees as a deliberate attack on the pro-life movement. “It is unfortunate that many pro-life high school students have faced resistance from hostile school administrators,” Hawkins said.

As for Sutherland, she will continue pushing her campus group to be recognized. “Abortion is the greatest violation of human rights in our time and I believe the pro-life message deserves a voice at my school,” she declared.

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From "Did principal deny student’s constitutional rights with anti-abortion group decision?" by Jeff Branscome, The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, VA) 11/11/14

The anti-abortion club application “is in the review process” and “will be considered in the same manner as other applications for student organizations,” the [school official's] statement said.

Marks turned down an initial application for the club in a letter Oct. 6, writing that the group did not appear to “bear a clear relationship to the regular school curriculum” as required by the division’s policies. The principal also noted that the student had not provided all of the required information in the application, namely the group’s bylaws and a description of its relationship to the curriculum.

Sutherland resubmitted the application Oct. 24 but has not received a formal response, according to a press release from the anti-abortion organization Students for Life of America. . . .

George Mason University law professor Joyce Malcolm said the principal has “no business” denying an anti-abortion club while recognizing other issue groups such as an environmental club. “I think it’s unfortunate that our schools have become … single-minded,” she said. “Certain views are OK, and other views we don’t even want to hear.”

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