Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chicago Pre-teen Sex Ed Pornographic, Parents Say

When horrified parents objected to their elementary school children being taught anal sex and other sex techniques, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) officials claimed that a few teachers went rogue, but it was a district leader who presented the obscene curriculum at a parent workshop.  Also, local media uncovered a year-old CPS press release touting how this comprehensive sex ed "helps to reduce school-level incidents of sexual misconduct and harassment and positively impact rates of [sexually transmitted diseases] and unintended pregnancy among Chicago’s youth."
Photo captions for 10-year-old girls: "Got issues? Lube! Lube! Lube! Feel the heat! [Female condoms] adjust to your body temperature, so you and your partner can both feel the heat. . . . Once you pop, you don't have to stop!"
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-- From "Reference To Female Condoms Appears In Grade School Curriculum" posted at WBBM-TV2 CBS Chicago 11/14/14

A binder passed out to parents of 5th-graders at Andrew Jackson [Language Academy] grade school included information about female condoms as part of the curriculum for the school’s new sex-education classes.

When the [CPS] school representative passed out the binder, Amy Miller got a close look at what her daughter might learn.

“To tell my 5th-grader, who’s still into ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ that it’s OK to have safe anal sex — I’m sorry. That’s just not appropriate,” Miller says.

CPS officials are apologizing, saying the material on female condoms “was mistakenly downloaded and included in the parent presentation, and we agree with parents it is not appropriate for Elementary school students.”

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From "Parents Shocked by Material in Presentation on School's New Sex Health Curriculum" posted at WMAQ-TV5 NBC Chicago 11/14/14

"It definitely gets to an inappropriate level, things I wouldn’t even discuss in my own personal life," said parent Rachel Gigliotti. "Sex with a condom, sex without a condom, sex with lube — things that no sixth grader should ever be exposed to.”

The slides detailed the “basics” of female condoms and “feel-good reasons to use them." It also details other forms of contraception, sex toys and sex acts.

Many parents said that although they support sex education, the material went too far for elementary school students.

“Sexual awareness, OK — but how to use a condom, and that it was going to be shown how, is a little bit extreme,” said parent Tamara Gear.

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From "Fifth-Grade Sex Ed Plan Horrifies Chicago Parents Who Say It's Obscene" by Stephanie Lulay, DNAinfo Chicago 11/14/14

Parents were notified of Wednesday's presentation in a letter from school principal Mathew Ditto. The letter said a CPS representative would be at the meeting where "we will share the lessons and information that will be taught to your child." CPS has said some of the lessons are even intended for children in kindergarten. . . . Students in fifth grade and above would also learn about contraception and pregnancy prevention, and lessons would include a condom demonstration, the letter stated.

. . . a slideshow posted on the Waters Elementary School health website includes all five of the objectionable slides in a Powerpoint presentation. According to the school's website, the slideshows contain lessons and handouts presented to students in April 2014.

Under the new sex ed guidelines, 5th grade students are typically taught about contraception, [CPS spokesman Bill] McCaffrey confirmed. The discussion includes use of female condoms, he said.

. . . Another Jackson parent, who asked not to be named, said she considers herself a liberal parent, but the curriculum slides were too much.

"I'm appalled. ... It doesn't necessarily meet the kids where they are at," she said. "Talking about lube and the heat that would be generated by using a female condom is not appropriate for a fifth-grader."

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Recently, Illinois passed new laws requiring sex training in all K-12 schools, and legislators considered recommendations from students for what to teach in sex ed.