Tuesday, November 18, 2014

All Abortion Outlawed by Georgia City Council

Abortion advocates say that Roe v. Wade is being challenged by the city council of Rossville, Georgia because it voted unanimously on a first reading in favor of Ordinance #481 to ban all abortion except to save the life of the mother.  Rossville currently has no abortion clinics, but Mayor Teddy Harris said that the council is taking a proactive stance to keep the city peaceful.

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-- From "Rossville bans abortion clinics, pill mills" by Hannah Smith, Chattanooga Times Free Press 11/11/14

In a work meeting before they would sign the ordinances, council members asked Rossville Mayor Teddy Harris what had prompted these two ordinances to come up. He said a town resident had come to him asking if the methadone clinic in the city was legal. That clinic is, but Harris said the question got him thinking about other businesses they might wish to keep outside of Rossville.

There is no abortion clinic in Rossville, and the ordinance does allow for abortions to occur within the city if they occur at a hospital by a licensed physician, are deemed by that doctor to be necessary to save the woman's life, and the doctor can certify that the baby would not survive out of the womb.

The same logic was used for why they want to keep pill mills out of the city. Pill mills are clinics that claim to be pain centers many times, but in reality illegally dispense controlled pain medications to those who may be addicted or do not have a prescription.

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From "Rossville lawmakers rethink abortion ordinance" by Mike O’Neal, The Catoosa County News 11/16/14

As originally written, Rossville’s ordinance is more restrictive than state or federal law.

Rossville’s ordinance goes beyond state law by stating, in section 2(d):

“It shall not be unlawful for a licensed physician to prescribe that abortion services take place within the limits of the city of Rossville, provided that the physician finds the abortion services are necessary in order to save the life of the mother, the abortion services are per-formed in a hospital and the physician can certify that the unborn child would not be able to live outside of the womb.”

After questions about the legality of the council’s action were raised, mayor Teddy Harris said the ordinance is being reviewed and will be rewritten as necessary to comply with all state and federal statutes.

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