Friday, May 09, 2014

Missouri Elem. Principal Announces Boy Now a Girl

Parents in Raytown, Missouri informed Robinson Elementary School that their young son Adam has decided that he is a girl.  Without any legal or medical documentation, the principal dutifully informed all of the other parents that Adam will now be called Jasmine, and that he is to be considered a girl.

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-- From "Parents stress tolerance after child's gender identity change" by Laura McCallister, Multimedia Producer and Heather Staggers, Reporter KCTV-TV5 (Kansas City, MO) 5/6/14

Parents and guardians at Robinson Elementary School, located at East 67th Street and Woodson Road, received the note [from the principal] Friday explaining the situation.

Below is a full copy of the letter sent out to parents:
"May 2, 2014

"Dear Robinson Parent or Guardian,

"In the interest of creating a positive and safe learning environment at Robinson, I want to share information with you about a schoolmate of your child's. This information is being shared with parent permission.

"A birth-assigned gender male student who has been known as (A) at Robinson has returned to school as a female with the new, preferred name of (J). School personnel have been instructed to refer to (J) by her new name, and (J's) teacher will introduce her to other students by her new name.

"Teachers will encourage students to continue to be respectful of all students in their classes and to treat others as they would like to be treated; according them the same respect they wish for themselves.

"If you have questions or would like to talk more with me, please call school at 816.268.7260.


"Mrs. Elizabeth Arbisi, Principal"
Superintendent Dr. Allan Markley was not available to speak on the situation Tuesday and the Raytown School District had no statement.

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