Sunday, May 25, 2014

Drop Morals for Catholic School Teachers: Parents

After the Diocese of Oakland (California) instituted new faith and morals requirements in employment contracts for teachers in 54 schools, a few teachers have opted to resign in protest and many parents are withholding donations because they say that teachers have a right to immoral behavior in their private lives and that mandating teachers to hold to Church tenets has no place in Catholic schools.

Opponents of the new contracts say it's a covert effort by the Diocese to stifle advancement of Gay Agenda civil rights.

UPDATE 2/20/15: California Lawmakers Want Immoral Teachers in Catholic Schools of Archdiocese of San Francisco

UPDATE 6/2/14: Gays, Unions March Against Catholic School Morals in Ohio

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-- From "Bishop O’Dowd High School Teacher Among 3 Let Go Over Morality Contract" by Holly Quan, KCBS-TV2 (Los Angeles, CA) 5/21/14

Teacher Kathleen Purcell decided that instead of surrendering her civil rights, she would sign the contract, but with portions crossed out. But the Diocese said that wasn’t good enough.

So after graduation in early June, Purcell will be out of a job, one of three at the school who won’t be asked back. The Bishop is scheduled to meet with O’Dowd [High School] staff next week over what they don’t like about the pledge.

Diocese spokesman Mike Brown reiterates the Bishop’s stance that this is not a witch hunt.

“Remind teachers that they are not only classroom teachers, contracted to teach the Catholic principles, but they are role models,” Brown said.

He said that extends to their personal lives as well.

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From "Teacher Refuses to Sign Controversial Morality Clause with Oakland Diocese" by Jodi Hernandez, KNTV-TV11 (San Jose, CA) 5/22/14

Many parents remain outraged over a controversial contract clause the Oakland Diocese has in place with its teachers.

The contract clause calls for teachers "to model and promote behavior in conformity with the teaching of the Roman Catholic faith in matters of faith and moral...and to do nothing that tends to bring discredit to the school or to the Diocese of Oakland."

Parents have also launched a petition urging the archdiocese to hold off on implementing the new deal until both sides can agree on its language.

All but five teachers have signed the contracts, Brown said. The Oakland Diocese has more than 1,200 teachers at its schools.

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From "Bishop O'Dowd teacher let go for not signing morality clause" by Alan Wang, KGO-TV7 (San Francisco, CA) 5/20/14

"This contract would be a huge step backwards, and would say, 'We're stripping these employees of civil rights,'" Bishop O'Dowd [High School] program director and teacher Kathleen Purcell said.

"Then you throw the employees' personal lives into the middle of all the disputes currently in the Catholic Church," Purcell said.

Some of those disputes include reproductive rights and gay and lesbian rights.

But now there's a groundswell of support for the teachers. Students almost walked out on Tuesday, but called it after a plea from the principal on the intercom. So now they'll meet with the bishop first.

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From "East Bay: Teachers quit, parents withhold money over Catholic school morality clause" by Doug Oakley, Oakland Tribune 5/21/14

Diocese of Oakland spokesman Mike Brown said Wednesday three teachers at Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland and two at St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in Alameda have quit over the new contract language.

Parents, teachers and students upset with the new contract language worry teachers could be fired for being gay, having sex outside marriage or even for using birth control.

Kathleen Purcell, a history teacher at Bishop O'Dowd . . . said last year she delivered a eulogy for a gay friend at her funeral that was videotaped and put on the Internet. The way she see's her teacher contract, that would not be allowed and she could be fired.

Annette Tumolo, a gay parent of an O'Dowd junior said she is considering pulling her daughter out of the school and she may not write the $5,000 donation check she pledged to the school on top of the $15,000 a year tuition.

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From "5 Oakland Catholic school teachers quit over morality clause" by Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle 5/22/14

Oakland Bishop Michael Barber pushed back against critics of the new contract this week.

"We have absolutely no interest in monitoring or prosecuting personal private lives," Barber told the church-produced the Catholic Voice.

"We have no 'lists' of prohibited behavior," he told the publication. "I have heard it said that we are targeting teachers who might be gay. This is manifestly untrue. The Catholic Church treats all people, regardless of sexual orientation, as children of God."

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From "Bishop Barber discusses teachers' contract" posted at The Catholic Voice of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland 5/19/14

Q. What led you to make changes in the annual teacher's contract?

A: I made a very small change to the annual teacher's contract in order to clarify for teachers — and the school community — that each of our Catholic elementary and secondary schools is an integral part of the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church. This makes them different from a charter school or public school. Our school contracts are invitations to teachers to join in this mission and ministry of the Church. I wanted to restate the mission of a Catholic school, and the expectations required of those who desire to participate in this mission and ministry.

Q: What is expected of Catholic School teachers?

A: All teachers are expected to join in the Church's educational ministry, teaching and modeling the values and ethical standards of Christ and the Catholic Church. This has always been so. . . . Our schools are a primary ministry of the Oakland diocesan pastoral plan "To know Christ better and to make Him better known."

Q: Other dioceses seem to be addressing a similar issue much more proscriptively.

A: The Diocese of Oakland is not. I trust the intelligence of our teachers and administrators that they understand that conduct outside the classroom, in rare instances, can possibly negatively affect their integrity as a role model inside the classroom. . . .

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