Saturday, May 03, 2014

Calif. City Official Yanked: Caught Reading Bible

The political correctness police pounced on Dr. Eric Walsh, Public Health Director of Pasadena, California, for reportedly making public statements in opposition to evolution, homosexual behavior, Islam, the pope, feminism, fornication, adultery, the Disney corporation and the entertainment media in general, including performers.  To be clear, this African-American preacher was giving a sermon and reading from the Bible.

Where does this guy think he lives?!  In an America with a First Amendment?  No, he lives in California!

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-- From "Pasadena Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh placed on administrative leave after homophobic sermon furor" by Lauren Gold, Pasadena Star-News, 5/1/14

City Manager Michael Beck announced Thursday that he has placed Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh on paid administrative leave following the discovery of online videos of religious sermons in which Walsh expresses discriminatory views on homosexuals, Muslims and others.

The announcement came just two days after Walsh stepped away from giving a commencement address at Pasadena City College, citing a scheduling conflict. The recordings, posted on YouTube and other websites, chronicle Walsh’s sermons given to Seventh-day Adventist congregations, including one on North Lake Avenue in Altadena, where he is an associate pastor.

Some council members and community members, however, defended Walsh’s record as public health director and cited the many programs he has developed to support Pasadena’s diverse community . . .

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From "City Officials’ Statements on Walsh Sermons" by Tami DeVine, Crown City News 5/2/14

Pasadena’s 7th District Council Member Terry Tornek spoke by phone to CCN – Crown City News saying he was shocked and deeply troubled by Public Health Department Director Dr. Eric Walsh’s sermons that some consider to be homophobic.  “There’s a disconnect between the Dr. Walsh I know and the Dr. Walsh who made these comments,” says Tornek.

Tornek says it’s possible Walsh’s comments will tarnish the work of the Health Department.  He says whether Walsh will stay or go is probably not a decision the City Council would make since the head of the Health Department is a position the City Manager can hire or fire.  Tornek says he’s getting a lot of feedback from the community. He says Walsh’s beliefs are not his. “That’s not a belief system I adhere to, but I respect people’s right to believe what they believe.”

Still, Tornek says, Pasadena prides itself on being inclusive, and a city rooted in facts. “Pasadena is a fact and science based community, which makes this an awkward and difficult situation.”

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From "Pasadena's anti-evolution, anti-gay health director has some explaining to do" by Jim Newton, Los Angeles Time 5/2/14

Eric Walsh may be a heck of a public health director. He’s been in charge of Pasadena’s health department since 2010, and Pasadena is generally regarded as one of Southern California’s better-run cities. His job includes overseeing restaurant inspections, and Pasadena’s restaurants seem to be doing just fine.

But he sure does have an intolerant streak.

[Walsh] believes the media and government are leading the world into a “dark moral decline.”

None of that bears on his abilities as a health officer, but they do place Pasadena’s programs in a sticky position.

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From "Dr. Eric Walsh’s beliefs disqualify him from being head of Public Health Department" by Frank C. Girardot, Senior Editor of the San Gabriel Valley News Group, posted at Pasadena Star-News 4/30/14

Small-minded bigots who would condemn homosexuality, single mothers, Catholics, Muslims, unwed couples, Harry Potter movies and popular culture from the pulpit on Sunday cannot work with those same people Monday through Friday.

I do not say that Walsh shouldn’t be allowed to practice his religion. That observance is protected by our First Amendment. I do say he should end practicing his profession on the public’s dime.

Free speech? You bet. And, our laws give him every right to believe in a hateful, bigoted and small-minded creed.

I’ve listened to several hours of Walsh’s sermons. You can find them on YouTube.

Dr. Walsh is either a hypocrite on the pulpit or a phony on the job.

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