Sunday, May 04, 2014

Okla. School to Atheists: No Praying Coaches Here

After the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) lawyers accused baseball coach Larry Turner in Owasso, Oklahoma of leading prayers with student athletes, school officials responded by assuring the atheist watchdogs that no coaches pray with students.
"You'll notice that our kids do circle up and pray in the outfield before games, but there isn't a coach within 100 yards of them when they do, and that's because they can't be."
-- Zach Duffield, speaking for Superintendent Clark Ogilvie
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-- From "Report Of Coach-Led Prayer Stirs Controversy For Owasso Baseball" by Dan Bewley, KOTV-TV6 (Tulsa, OK) 5/3/14

The FFRF told Owasso Schools this is a "…serious constitutional violation…", that coaches "…do not lead, organize, encourage, or participate" in prayers with players.

Zach Duffield is Owasso's athletic director. He said he immediately investigated the situation, but found nothing to back up the allegation.

"There is no coach lead, I can tell you that with 100 percent confidence. There have been no calls to the Owasso Athletic Department or the Owasso administration building objecting to anything that's going on as far as any kind of prayer going on," Duffield said.

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From "School officials: Owasso baseball coaches don't lead team in prayer" by Mike Brown, Tulsa World Sports Writer 5/3/14

[Coach] Turner, 56, has led the Rams to 993 wins and 10 state titles in 32 seasons.

Turner said he used to lead prayers for the team because he wanted to do everything the way his mentor, former Owasso baseball coach Melvin Spencer, had done. But Turner stopped leading prayers several years ago.

"Coach Spencer always led the team in a moment of prayer and I wanted to be just like him, but the way society has changed, you had to stop doing some things and that's one of the things I stopped doing when I was told I needed to," Turner said.

Turner said the players now meet in the outfield with an assistant coach before the game, while Turner is in the dugout. He said the assistant makes a few remarks but does not lead prayer. The players are then left alone to pray or not pray as they see fit.

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From "Owasso Baseball Coach Creates Champions" by Terrell Lester, Editor at Large, Greater Tulsa Reporter 4/28/14

[Coach] Turner has created a baseball program without limits. When he directed the Rams past 36 consecutive opponents in 2013 to become only the ninth undefeated baseball champion in state history, Turner increased his won-loss record to 969-221.

In the last 17 seasons, Turner and Owasso played in 15 state championship games, winning nine.

Turner was recognized as the 2013 national baseball coach of the year by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Preparing his players for life after baseball, that is his passion. That is the future.

“We work hard at making the kids work hard and do the right thing,” he likes to say.

Turner and his coaching staff lead the players in prayer before games. [The words "in prayer" have been redacted in the most recent on-line posting of this article.]

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