Thursday, May 29, 2014

Houston Lesbian Mayor Agenda vs. Religious Liberty

After the Houston, Texas City Council passed a hotly contested Gay Agenda ordinance, Mayor Annise Parker announced her personal triumph of "gay rights" over the rights of citizens' freedom of religion. The new ordinance also allows sexual predators legal access to women's restrooms and showers.
"This is not the most important thing I have done or will do as mayor, but it is the most personally satisfying and most personally meaningful thing I will do as mayor."
-- Mayor Annise Parker
UPDATE 11/4/15: Lesbian Mayor's Gay Agenda Defeated by Houston Voters

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UPDATE 10/15/14: Lesbian Mayor Subpoenas Opposition Pastors' Sermons

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These so-called nondiscrimination laws actually discriminate against Christians and everyone who refuse to worship at the alter of sexual deviancy, as proved in countless examples.  Of course the Gay Agenda goal is to pass the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

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-- From "Houston Approves Expanded Protections for Gays" by Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press 5/29/14

The Houston City Council voted 11-6 in favor of the ordinance to loud cheers inside their chambers. Fewer than 30 people spoke against the measure during a public hearing that lasted more than seven hours. The council chambers and an overflow room were packed for Wednesday's hearing, and more than 200 people spoke.

Supporters, including Mayor Annise Parker, said the measure is about offering protections at the local level against all forms of discrimination in housing, employment and services provided by private businesses such as hotels and restaurants. But debate about the measure focused largely on provisions regarding rights for gay and transgender citizens.

Those who protested the ordinance, including various local pastors, said it's unconstitutional and would infringe on their right to speak out against homosexuality. They argued residents in the nation's fourth-largest city should be allowed to vote on the issue through a referendum.

[Houston resident Stephanie] McHugh said businesses and churches would be forced to recognize ideas that are against their beliefs, though officials said religious institutions would be exempt from the law [but not Christian business owners, Christian schools, etc.].

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From "It's official: Mayor Parker signs equal rights ordinance" by Josh Cain, Associate editor, Houston Business Journal 5/29/14

The meeting lasted almost nine hours as supporters of the bill packed the council chambers, cheering and chanting throughout the debate.

Deliberations over the bill began months ago when Mayor Annise Parker, the first openly gay mayor in the U.S., first said she would propose the measure. Though the ordinance covers a host of identifying characteristics that will be protected — race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, genetic information, pregnancy — most of the debate raged over protections being extended to members of the LGBT community.

The ordinance went into effect the moment Parker signed the bill during the meeting. Now, all private employers with more than 15 employees can be fined up to $5,000 for discrimination claims. The ordinance also provides protection in housing and for city workers and contractors.

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From "Council extends rights protection for gays, transgendered" by Mike Morris, Houston Chronicle 5/28/14

Opponent Dave Welch, of the Houston Area Pastors Council, said his group will begin gathering signatures against the ordinance to trigger a referendum seeking its repeal this November. The group would need to gather roughly 17,000 signatures - or 10 percent of turnout in last fall's mayoral race - in the next 30 days.

"Once we correct this grievous act through the ballot this fall," Welch said in a statement, "we will then remind those members that patronizing a tiny interest group and outgoing mayor instead of serving the people leads to a short political career."

[Houston Community College trustee Dave] Wilson said he also is gathering the signatures needed to seek a charter amendment banning a biological man from using a women's restroom. The ordinance passed Wednesday offers such a protection for transgender residents citywide, as does an executive order Parker signed in 2010 applying to city facilities.

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