Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Indiana Teens & Child Pornography Crimes: Sexting

Teenage students, including aged 15 and younger, attending Carmel (Indiana) High School in suburban Indianapolis are under investigation by police after they transmitted nude photographs of children via cellular phones -- some of the photos may have been marketed.

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Consider the relationship between this sexting phenomenon and the prevalence of teaching literature to teens using pornographic novels.

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UPDATE 12/17/14: Illinois Police Find Nude Selfies in School Sexting Investigation

-- From "Police investigating sexting at high school in northern Indianapolis suburb" by The Associated Press 5/26/14

Carmel Police Department Lt. Joe Bickel says in an email sent Monday that police had contacted Carmel Clay school district about "inappropriate digital images on electronic devices" and were conducting an investigation in partnership with school officials.

Sexting is the practice of teens sending nude or sexually explicit photos or videos of fellow minors by cellphone.

Indiana law concerning sexting bears a complicated relationship with statutes outlawing child pornography due to the ages of both victims and those sending images.

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From "Police investigating sexting complaints at Carmel High School" by Brian Eason, Indianapolis Star 5/23/14

Police and school officials would not say whether the images were sexual in nature, or what laws may have been broken. But students reported Thursday on Twitter that school administrators were conducting a "nude raid" and suspending those who had "sexts" saved on their cellphones.

Under Indiana law on child pornography and exploitation, it is a felony offense to "present" or "exhibit" digital images of sexual conduct by someone younger than 18 — even when the messenger also is underage. A separate provision, applying only to phone images, lowers the minimum age to 16.

It would be the second sexting investigation in suburban [Indianapolis] schools in the last six months. Sexting is the exchange of nude photos through messaging programs such as Snapchat.

In December, more than a dozen cellphones were seized at Avon High School from students who were allegedly sharing nude images of their classmates. In that case, police discovered the images hidden in a cellphone app that was disguised as a calculator.

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