Friday, May 30, 2014

Obama Replaces Fathers with Government Mentors

Although President Obama serves as a personal model of the responsible father in a stable marriage and family, his government policies have exacerbated the liberal ideals of the past half-century.  While the president announces yet another government effort today to make up for the liberals' destruction of the family, especially of minority populations, he champions every anti-family policy imaginable.

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Now that the liberals' Nanny State has destroyed the family within the American underclass, their solution to the problem is to virtually replace parents with government.  For example, these experts say that Obama-Schooling Should Begin at Age 18 Months.

UPDATE 5/16/15: Public Boarding Schools Proposed by Obama Administration

-- From "Obama urges national commitment to help boys of color" by Tom Cohen, CNN 5/30/14

It is a stark and sobering fact of American life in the 21st century -- black, Hispanic and Native American boys and young men are less likely to graduate, stay out of jail and get a job than those who are white.

Chances are greater they'll grow up with a single parent or none at all, won't read well, and will get suspended or expelled from school or just drop out.

Saddest of all, such statistics aren't new or particularly shocking in a society that has come to expect such class, racial and ethnic disparities.

President Barack Obama launched his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative three months ago to focus on solutions to such chronic and deep-rooted social ills. The initiative included a task force to examine the issue, and an invitation for businesses and foundations to help out.

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From "Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative takes crucial next step" by Trymaine Lee, MSNBC 5/30/14

During an emotional speech at the White House, delivered before a backdrop of young black and Latino men from Obama’s hometown of Chicago, the president implored Americans of all colors to shake their complacency over the dire outcomes of minority men and help provide them pathways to success.

This morning, the task force released its first report to the president, in which they outline a broad set of guiding principles and recommendations. The recommendations include launching a national mentor-recruiting campaign, eliminating suspensions and expulsions of preschoolers, encouraging a culture of reading at home and growing youth summer programs and pre-apprenticeships.

The initiative calls on filling the gaps for young men of color at critical times in their lives, including early education, when these boys often fall behind in literacy and math. The task force recommends universal access to high-quality early childhood care and education, saying, “pre-school for all is a vital component to the administration’s so-called ‘opportunity agenda.’” And later, as students prepare to graduate from high school, that students are college-ready. But even further, the task force suggests helping these young people through college with stronger college counselors and, after graduation, expanded access to mentorship programs and internships. It’s what the task force describes as a “cradle-to-college-and-career approach.” (emphasis added)

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From "Opportunity for All: My Brother’s Keeper Blueprint for Action" by Office of the Press Secretary, The White House 5/30/14

. . . Boys of color are too often born into poverty and live with a single parent. . . . Too many of these boys and young men will have negative interactions with the juvenile and criminal justice system, and the dream of a college education is within grasp for too few.

. . . Today, the President met with his Cabinet to discuss the Task Force’s initial assessments and recommendations and the President called on the American people to get engaged through mentorship opportunities nationwide.

It is important that all children have caring adults who are engaged in their lives.  But too many young people lack this support.  For example, roughly two-thirds of Black and one-third of Hispanic children live with only one parent.   Moreover, research suggests that a father's absence increases the risk of his child dropping out of school among Blacks and Hispanics by 75 percent and 96 percent respectively.  We see significant high school dropout rates—as high as 50 percent in some school districts—including among boys and young men from certain Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander populations. And some 27 percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives live in poverty, compared to 11.6% of White Americans.

The President is calling on Americans interested in getting involved in My Brother’s Keeper to sign up as long-term mentors to young people . . .

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UPDATE 4/16/15: Decades of Income Inequality is due to Demise of Married-parent Families with Children, Study Shows