Sunday, December 02, 2012

School Doesn't Back Gay Agenda, Obama Investigates

President Obama's Dept. of Education has launched an investigation of Huntsville (Alabama) City School district that did not heed the demands of local homosexualists regarding 1st Sgt. Lynn Vanzandt, a Junior ROTC instructor at Grissom High School, who told students last April that the Bible says homosexual behavior is a sin.

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-- From "Ala. school district investigated for harassment" by The Associated Press 11/29/12

The Huntsville City School District is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education over claims of harassment.

GLBT Advocacy and Youth Services, an Alabama [homosexualist] nonprofit, filed a complaint with the Department of Education in October.

In their complaint, the organization says the school district failed to prevent and stop harassment.

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From "Federal education officials probing Huntsville school district's response to Grissom JROTC incident" by Crystal Bonvillian, posted at Alabama Live LLC 11/29/12

The district has acknowledged the incident, and stated that Vanzandt apologized to the students, but has denied that it was an episode of bullying. Parents and students have also stepped up in Vanzandt's defense.

The letter from the Office of Civil Rights, dated Nov. 21, states that the investigation will seek to determine whether the students "were subjected to a hostile environment on the basis of sex or harassment based on failing to conform to gender stereotypes, when a JROTC teacher made comments about the Bible and homosexuality, and the district failed to respond and take action" to stop the alleged harassment and keep it from happening again.

It will also try to determine whether the district "retaliated against the student after she complained about the comments made by the JROTC teacher by failing to respond and take action reasonably calculated to stop the peer bullying," the letter said.

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From "DOE Investigating School Over Bible and Homosexuality Comments" by Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post Reporter 12/1/12

A female student in the class was offended after the instructor, 1st Sgt. Lynn Vanzandt, expressed his beliefs about same-sex relationships. The 15-year-old student and her mother, Mia Gonzales, then contacted a local gay advocacy group, GLBT Advocacy and Youth Services, which complained to the school on the student's behalf.

"My first thought was, 'What if there was a gay student in that class that looked up to that instructor?'" Gonzales told in August. "I'm not arguing with what people believe. But what if this one student would have committed suicide? That was a concern for me."

In a letter of response [to complaints from advocacy organization(s)], the attorney for the Huntsville City Board of Education, J.R. Brooks, called the accusation of bullying "more than a little over the top."

"I am do not believe that an apology is in the slightest way helpful," wrote Brooks in August. "The Superintendent disagrees with your point of view. Absent further conduct of a similar nature, this matter is closed."

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