Monday, December 31, 2012

Abortion Seriously Injures Thousands Yearly: Study

Amid news reports of 911 calls to abortion clinics, a just-released study by abortion advocates touts the "extremely safe" record of medication-induced abortion (e.g.: mifepristone - RU486), yet the study actually reveals large numbers of women injured, and others where the intended abortion failed (thank God).  Reports also include the staggering statistics of thousands more seriously injured from surgical abortions.

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-- From "Study: Medication-Induced Abortions Very Safe" posted at CBS News (Washington, D.C.) 12/23/12

“At Planned Parenthood, medical abortion is extremely safe,” reproductive health researcher James Trussell of Princeton University in New Jersey, who worked on the study, told Reuters. “The most common adverse outcome is just continuing pregnancy,” he added. “It doesn’t work 100 percent of the time.”

The data showed that 385 women had a serious side effect of the 233,805 total abortions during the study period. This includes 238 who sought treatment at the ER, 135 who were admitted to the hospital, 114 who had a blood transfusion and 57 who required intravenous antibiotics. All of the women in the study survived.

A study from 2010 showed that less than one percent of women having a surgical abortion prior to their sixteenth week of pregnancy needed intravenous fluid. And only one in 300 had a major complication as a result of surgery [thus totaling thousands annually across America].

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From "Medical abortions are safe: study" by Genevra Pittman, Reuters Health 12/20/12

Eight women each year had an ectopic pregnancy - when the embryo implants outside the uterus - that was diagnosed after the attempted [medication-induced] abortion. One died from related complications.

. . . Dr. Debra Stulberg, who studies disparities in reproductive health at the University of Chicago and wasn't involved in the new study . . . told Reuters Health medical abortions are still less common than surgical ones in the U.S., but that they're becoming relatively more frequent and "women should be reassured" based on these and other data.

One limitation, the study team noted, is that not all women checked back after the abortion or had follow up medical records available - so it's possible more complications could have occurred that weren't recorded.

Medical abortions done at Planned Parenthood run for about $300 to $800, according to its website.

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From "Planned Parenthood Study: One Woman Injured From Abortion Drug Daily" by Troy Newman, 12/21/12

The study group consisted of two Planned Parenthood employees, one member of a Planned Parenthood advisory group, and a fourth member who receives financial compensation from Danco Laboratories, the U.S. distributor for the abortion pill mifepristone, also known as RU486.

“This is perhaps one of the most self-serving studies ever conducted,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “These so-called researchers have a vested interest in protecting medication abortions because this is what they are banking on to expand abortion services and increase profits for Planned Parenthood, especially in a time when states are working at a fever pitch to defund them.”

In 2010, Operation Rescue uncovered Planned Parenthood’s secret strategy to expand their doctorless telemed abortion scheme to every Planned Parenthood office. Since then several states have outlawed the webcam distribution of abortion pills, and other have insisted that Planned Parenthood follow FDA protocols, which they currently ignore.

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From "St. Louis Planned Parenthood Botches Third Abortion in Weeks" by Steven Ertelt, 12/28/12

For the third time since Thanksgiving, the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic transported a woman to the hospital for emergency care, making it one of the most dangerous abortion clinics in the nation, according to officials with Operation Rescue, who informed LifeNews of the incident.

Mary Maschmeier of Defenders of the Unborn, a [St. Louis] local pro-life group that emailed both LifeNews and Operation Rescue about what happened, said “Her face was covered and we don’t know her condition. How sad it is to see this scene but especially the day after we celebrate the birth of Our Lord.”

The pro-life group says it has tried to follow up on the medical conditions of the women involved and the details of what happened during the failed abortion but it has been repeatedly denied access to 911 call records by St. Louis authorities, which could shed light on the rash of emergencies at Planned Parenthood. Such records are generally considered public documents.

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From "Planned Parenthood: 10 Ambulance Calls in 20 Months for Botched Abortions" by Steven Ertelt, 9/19/12

The Planned Parenthood abortion business claims to be all about women and women’s health, but one leading pro-life activists says it has had to call for ambulances 10 times over the course of the last 20 months. And that’s just the number of times that have been documented.

This week, Operation Rescue reported that a woman is suing Planned Parenthood in Birmingham, Alabama for missing an ectopic pregnancy and doing an abortion procedure anyway that left her infertile.

“This was just one of probably hundreds of abortion botches we wouldn’t otherwise know about were there not a lawsuit,” says Operation Rescue staffer Cheryl Sullenger

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