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God Praised by College Football Stars: Heisman Trophy

Largely unreported by mainstream media, Jesus Christ took center stage in this year's competition for college football's highest prize as Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, who was awarded the Heisman Trophy, as well as finalist Collin Klein of Kansas State, both publicly gave thanks to God Almighty.
"I knew even then God had bigger plans for [Johnny], but I never dreamed it would be this.  His ways are way higher than my little mind thinks."
-- Michelle Manziel (mother)
"Thank you, Jesus. We're very blessed."
-- Paul Manziel (father)
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-- From "Manziel’s Heisman Trophy Acceptance Speech" posted at KBTX-TV3 (Bryan, TX) 12/8/12

"Most of all I'd love to thank God for me being here. For all the love and grace you've showed me. For the values carried from my parents to Texas A&M, to Kyle Field, with 30,000 students standing there for us," [said Johnny Manziel].

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From "Kansas State's Klein a winner, just not of Heisman Trophy" by Mark Kiszla, The Denver Post 12/2/12

"I want to thank God for this family," Klein bellowed to Kansas State fans aglow with purple pride . . .

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From "Klein Talks About Multitude Of Awards" by Kinch O'Kelley, WIBW-TV13 (Topeka, KS) 12/4/12

Senior Quarterback Collin Klein:

On what he wants people to know about him…
 “I think the main thing that I want people to know is, first of all, anything I have accomplished has been through a God-given opportunity with God-given ability. That is my first goal is to honor Him in that and with what He has given me to do. That is the most important thing to me. That is the first and the main thing I want people to take away from my story. I would also want them to maybe know that sometimes it is true that with God, all things are possible. . . . It has been a journey. It is one that I definitely could not have scripted this way. Again, the Lord did have a plan, and I am just so blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity with this team and these people here and be a part of this family. I think those would be the main things that are most important to me.”
On how broad his plans are after graduation…
 “I do not know exactly what that looks like. Even though I do not know the exact opportunity or the exact landscape of what that looks like, I know that I want to honor and serve my Lord and Savior. I want to take care of my family spiritually, financially and physically, and serve the people in whatever community I am going to be around at that time. Whatever that looks like – if it is using my finance degree or if it is playing ball, or a mixture of both. Who knows what it could be. Whatever it looks like, as long as those three things are intact, then we will be just fine.”
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From "Collin Klein thankful for strong foundation" by Mike Brohard, Sports Editor, Reporter Herald (Loveland, CO) 12/7/12

This guy is one incredible young man. A natural leader, fierce competitor, one guided by his unwavering faith. He's so humble. He credits his coaches and teammates, diverting attention from himself. He gives back to his community, be it reading to the school children or working with the Special Olympics.

"Actually the most important thing [my parents have] done for me is establish and laid the foundation in pointing me in the right direction to build my faith and taught me how to read the Bible and serve the Lord," Klein said Friday. "That in itself has been a knowledge and wisdom multiplier that God has worked through. Without that foundation, there's no doubt I wouldn't be who I am today."

"I have not by any stretch of the imagination done this by myself or on my own strength," Collin said. "It starts with first of all the Lord, and in his God-given ability and God-given opportunity. In that, he's provided people like my parents first of all, and I'm glad their recognized."

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From "Collin Klein’s path as a person began at home in school" by Kellis Robinett, The Kansas City Star 12/8/12

[Doug and Kelly Klein] had to make tough decisions on how to raise their children. They wanted them to worship God, respect others and be active in the community. But not everyone values those ideals. What was the best way, they wondered, to pass them along?

One day, mom and dad had an epiphany: They would home-school their children.

“My mom was the teacher and my dad was the principal,” Collin Klein said. “They taught me everything I know.”

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From "Klein's personal values command our respect" by Phil Anderson, The Topeka Capital-Journal Religion Writer 11/30/12

Some have compared Klein to Tim Tebow, another unconventional college quarterback who led the Florida Gators to the 2006 and 2008 national championships, and who won the 2007 Heisman Trophy.

In a recent Associated Press story, similarities between Klein and Tebow were outlined.

“Both of them were home-schooled,” the article stated. “Both are rooted deeply in their Christian faith. Both were standout prep players who overcame funky throwing motions to develop into bruising, run-first quarterbacks for two of college football’s most accomplished coaches.”

“I think I’m very blessed that God has provided my upbringing in a way that I had parents and coaches that invested in me and provided a foundation to understand what’s really important,” [Klein] said. “Success is fleeting in this world. There’s bigger things at stake.”

Klein’s marriage over the summer to Kansas State women’s basketball player Shalin Spani also was fodder for some articles this fall. Klein saved his first kiss for his marriage day, something noted in many stories.

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