Monday, December 10, 2012

Abortionist in Mass. School Opposed by Parents

Tracey Benson, principal at Pittsfield High School, has agreed to review an in-school "safe sex" campaign after parents objected to materials that the Girls Inc. instructor (certified by Planned Parenthood) said make condoms fun.
"If they give out funny stuff, it would make people think sex isn’t serious and try it."
-- Aleisha Radke, 11th-grade student
For background, read Parents Want Obama-paid Abortionist out of School and also read School Sexualization Standards by NEA, Abortionists as well as Planned Parenthood Lures Teen clients via Texting

-- From "Western Mass. school sex ed program under review" by The Associated Press 12/8/12

Sarah Gillooly, who teaches the sex education class, said explicit phrases advocating condom use are intended to promote conversation among young women.

The class is designed to help female students between the ages of 15 and 18 avoid pregnancy and boost their career goals.

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From "Pittsfield High School condom fliers prompt sex-education review" by John Sakata, Berkshire Eagle Staff 12/8/12

On the final day of a Girls Inc. instructional program teaching young girls about the risks associated with sex, the flier, which had 32 phrases described as "Condom Sayings," was passed out to about 15 to 20 students at Pittsfield High. The flier included sayings such as "Practice safe sex -- make love with a Trojan" and "Condoms are easier to change then [sic] diapers."

Other sayings included language about intercourse and references to sex organs that one Pittsfield High parent [Bruce Radke], who contacted The Eagle, found crass.

Gillooly emphasized the "Condom Sayings" are a small part of a 16-week course that encourages assertiveness from young women and encourages them to say no to sex -- not to mention financial accountability and other positive traits.

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UPDATE 2/6/12 - Planned Parenthood's Business Model: Hooking Kids on Sex (Warning: Sexually graphic video)