Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Michigan Law Requires 'Safe' Abortion Clinics

The Michigan Republican legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder have enacted new abortion clinic requirements to improve safety for mothers, but their unborn babies will still die at these "safer" clinics, although the law requires the "fetal remains" to be disposed of "properly and respectfully."
"Republicans should focus on the economy and job creation instead of extreme social policies that further divide our state."
-- Rep. Tim Greimel, Incoming Michigan House Democrat Leader
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-- From "Governor signs new law for abortion clinics in Michigan" by James B. Kelleher, Reuters 12/28/12

The measure requires health facilities or clinics that perform more than 120 abortions a year to become licensed freestanding surgical outpatient facilities.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, an abortion rights group that opposed the measure, said it could force many existing abortion providers in the state to either tear down their offices and rebuild from the ground up -- or shutter their practices.

"This bill respects a woman's right to choose while helping protect her health and safety, including making sure a pregnant person is not being coerced into a decision," Snyder said.

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From "Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder signs abortion legislation" by Jeff Karoub, Associated Press 12/28/12

Patients must undergo counseling with a health professional to make sure they aren't being forced to get an abortion. But a provision was dropped that would have established penalties for individuals trying to force a woman into getting a so-called "coercive" abortion.

Other provisions deal with disposal of fetal remains and require that a doctor perform a physical exam before prescribing drugs that would induce abortion. The exam could not be performed from a distance through use of a web-based camera, a process known as telemedicine, which critics said would impose a hardship on women in rural areas.

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From "Michigan Governor Signs Major Pro-Life Bill Stopping Abortions" by Steven Ertelt, 12/28/12

Currently, only 4 of the 32 abortion facilities in Michigan are licensed by the state and, as such, the other 28 are rarely or if ever inspected by the state health bureau for basic sanitary requirements that are expected of other outpatient surgical facilities in Michigan. The passage of House Bill 5711 will ensure abortion facilities in Michigan meet Bureau of Health Systems standards that pertain to disaster and emergency procedures, medication and medical storage requirements, waste disposal requirements, sanitary procedures and other basic patient care requirements and administrative rules . . .

The licensing and inspection component of the legislation was recently found to have overwhelming support, with 85 percent of respondents to a statewide survey of likely voters approving the provision while 76 percent of Democrat pro-choice women approved the measure.

House Bill 5711 is an omnibus bill combining six introduced pro life bills into one large bill (45 pages).

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From "Gov. Snyder Explains His Abortion Bill Decisions" excerpts of Gov. Snyder's letter to Michigan voters 12/28/12

Personally, I am pro-life and against abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and to protect the life or health of the mother. At the same time, it is important to respect women's rights and I acknowledge the Supreme Court's decisions on this issue and that it's a federally protected procedure. . . .

HB5711 was introduced earlier this year. In its initial form, it would have significantly impacted women's rights. Now, though, the bill preserves women's rights while also enacting measures to help ensure their health and safety. . . .

Since becoming governor, there is probably no decision that I have struggled with more or that has weighed on me as heavily. Is my analysis perfect? It is not; but it is one person's attempt to carefully balance an explosive and emotional issue in a thoughtful way. . . .

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