Friday, December 21, 2012

Most Americans Say Gay Men Untrustworthy with Boys

A new Gallup poll shows that while most Americans tolerate laws allowing homosexuals to adopt children, Americans don't believe homosexual men should be leaders in the Boy Scouts of America.

UPDATE 7/28/15Demise of Boy Scouts: Male Homosexual Leaders OKd

UPDATE 2/8/14: "I would not let my teenage sons around gay men!" says "gay" man (video):

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While many of the Largest Corporations Stampede to Support 'Gay Agenda,' when a Corporation Opposes Gay Agenda, Media Storm Results

-- From "Poll: Attitudes toward gays changing fast" by Kevin Kepple, Susan Page and Denny Gainer, USA TODAY 12/5/12

While 53% support gay marriage, 46% oppose it. A third would go further: They say gay or lesbian relations between consenting adults should be illegal.

The question of adoption by gay men and lesbians has shown the biggest gains in recent decades. By 61%-36%, those surveyed say gay men and lesbians should have a right to adopt children, more than double the support it had 18 years ago.

However, a majority of Americans, 52%-42%, say the Boy Scouts of America shouldn't allow openly gay adults to serve as troop leaders.

Americans are now inclined to say that being gay is something a person is born with [-- NOT!]. Surveys in the 1970s and 1980s showed the public overwhelmingly attributing homosexuality to upbringing or environment.

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From "Gallup: 52% Say Boy Scouts Should Not Allow Homosexual Scout Leaders" by Pete Winn, CNSNews. com 12/18/12

Respondents were asked: “Do you think the Boy Scouts of America should or should not allow openly gay adults to serve as Boy Scout leaders?”

"It is gratifying to see that a majority of Americans, by a clear margin, support the rights of a private organization such as the Boy Scouts to set its own standards for membership and leadership," [Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council] told

"Most Americans harbor no ill will toward people with same-sex attractions. But at the same time, they respect the right of parents to be the first to introduce the controversial topic of sexual orientation to their children," Sprigg said.

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From "Gallup: Majority Believe Gays Can Adopt But Not Lead Boy Scouts" by Napp Nazworth, Christian Post Reporter 12/18/12

There were some partisan differences. Democrats were most favorable to the gay rights position with 60 percent saying gays should be allowed to serve as Boy Scout leaders and 75 percent saying gays and lesbians should be allowed to adopt. Republicans were the most opposed -- 26 percent would allow gay Boy Scout leaders and 46 percent support adoption rights for homosexuals. Independents were in the middle with a majority, 61 percent, supporting adoption rights, and a minority, 40 percent, supporting Boy Scout leadership.

Last July, the Boy Scouts of America announced that, after a two-year review, it would continue its policy of not allowing gays to become members, volunteers or leaders.

The poll showed stronger support for two other rights -- inheritance and health insurance. Seventy-eight percent support inheritance rights and 77 percent support health insurance benefits for gay and lesbian domestic partners or spouses. Though Republicans were the least supportive of these rights, a majority, 68 percent and 61 percent, respectively, supported them.

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