Thursday, December 06, 2012

CIA Searching for Homosexuals - To Hire

President Obama's Central Intelligence Agency's LGBT Community Outreach and Liaison, Michael Barber, says that the CIA's recent collaboration with the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is the beginning of a nation-wide effort to recruit multitudes of homosexuals, bisexuals, and sexually confused people into the spy agency.

UPDATE 2/20/16: Obama Administration Recruiting Mentally Ill Spies for CIA

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-- From "CIA to hold networking event with Florida gay chamber of commerce" by Steve Rothaus, The Miami Herald 11/27/12

Barber - "a straight ally" - along with gay CIA employees Engineering Development Chief Bill French and Technical Information Officer Tracey Ballard will speak to prospective employees about the benefits of joining the agency.

"There was a history of discrimination against LGBT persons in the federal government," Ballard said. "The process was extremely difficult for LGBT people to get security clearance prior to 1995."

That year President Bill Clinton signed an executive order stating "the United States government does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or sexual orientation in granting access to classified information."

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From "Mission Diversify: CIA Begins LGBT Recruiting" by Greg Allen, National Public Radio 12/2/12

More than 200 CIA employees are members of the agency's LGBT resource group today. The spy agency is one of the founding partners of Outserve, an organization that represents gay active military personnel, including those with the CIA.

Barber says there were always gay men and women doing important jobs at the agency, but until recently few were comfortable being out.

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From "CIA Makes History: Please Apply Here If You Are a Member of the LGBT Community" by Penny Starr, 12/5/12

A press release posted on the CIA website on Nov. 8 announced the first-ever sponsorship by the agency of a LGBT conference.

“For the first time in its history, the CIA served as a corporate sponsor of the oSTEM – Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – recent national conference in Chicago, and led discussions in the Intelligence Careers conference track,” the release states. “The CIA participated in the event as part of its nationwide outreach to diverse communities with mission critical talent.”

Susan M. Gordon, CIA’s director of support, spoke to the 100 students in attendance at the conference, according to the press release.

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