Sunday, October 16, 2011

'Queer Studies' Degree: Normalizing Sexual Deviancy

California state universities are churning out 'queer professionals' to fill the legislated need to indoctrinate public school students, as well as institutionalize the Gay Agenda throughout government and society.

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UPDATE 4/2/12: For $139,000 Kansas Univ. will teach you “what people think they know about women, gender, and sex is myth.”

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UPDATE 1/27/12: Activists to Learn ‘How to Become Gay for Pay’ at Conference

-- From "Cal State Fullerton launches Queer Studies minor" by Samantha Schaefer, Orange County Register 10/10/11

Fullerton is the fourth Cal State to create a Queer Studies minor, an interdisciplinary concentration that pulls courses from a variety of fields.

Queer Studies does not focus solely on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community, said Karyl Ketchum, an assistant professor of women's studies who co-proposed the minor. The program's focus is broader, on norms and how they've changed over time and throughout different cultures, though non-normative sexualities are a large part of the curriculum.

Students analyze previous works from a new perspective, and challenge the purpose of norms and the status quo to understand issues like racism, classism and sexism and how they intersect, said Kristin Beals, an associate professor of psychology and co-proposer of the program.

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From "Cal State Fullerton Launches Queer Studies Minor; Conservatives Troubled" by Eryn Sun, Christian Post Reporter 10/14/11

Professors and administrators believe that the implementation of the minor would serve to reflect society’s changing attitude toward the LGBT community.

Supporters of the growing LGBT school programs touted that the proposed education would not only teach the public about changing societal norms but also promote understanding within the community. The education, supporters said, would help curb discrimination and hate crimes against gays and lesbians, thereby reducing suicide rates as well, which are on the rise among LGBT youth.

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