Sunday, October 09, 2011

Prayer Vigil Saves Babies & Mothers from Abortion

The eighth annual "40 Days for Life" campaign to end abortion launches September 28 at an unprecedented 301 locations worldwide. Local volunteers are set to begin constant 24-hour prayer vigils outside abortion clinics in their respective cities from September 28 until November 6. Participants have also pledged to fast and pray privately during the crusade and to take part in community outreach programs as well.

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UPDATE 8/2/11: Late-term Abortion Clinic Closed by Prayer Vigil

-- From "Baby saved from abortion in very first hour after clinic opened at Michigan 40 Days campaign" by Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life Campaign Director 9/30/11

“Alison, one of our core team members, said this save took place in the very first hour the abortion clinic was open after our campaign began,” Lisa said [from Grand Rapids, MI]. This is the fifth 40 Days for Life vigil at this location.

“We are blessed in Indianapolis to be able to share the love of Christ as we help women who have chosen life under difficult circumstances,” [Eileen Hartman] said. “We don’t walk away from these women after they have given birth. They know they can call on us long after their baby is born.”

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From "'40 Days for Life' draws support, and one protester" by Al Edenloff, Alexandria Echo Press (Minnesota) 10/7/11

David Bereit, national director of “40 Days for Life,” stopped in Alexandria Wednesday to meet with participants in a vigil to end abortion.

A lone protester across the street from the “40 Days for Life” group repeatedly shouted into a bullhorn, saying it was wrong to try to “legislate morality.” He also criticized the group for supporting Republican candidates who were “against the poor.”

“40 Days for Life” is a grassroots effort that invites local people to pray and fast for an end to abortion; hold constant, peaceful vigils outside abortion facilities and Planned Parenthood offices; and participate in community outreach.

"I am thrilled that people of faith and conscience across Minnesota are enthusiastically responding to this call to join the largest pro-life outreach effort in history," said Bereit in a news release, "and I very much look forward to speaking – and praying – with people launching local 40 Days for Life campaigns across the state."

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From "Pro-Life Group Launches 40-day Prayer Vigil" by Rebecca Terrell, New American 9/27/11

The campaign website explains 40 Days for Life "takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families." Forty-eight new locations have been added to this year's international event, including cities in Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Germany.

Campaign organizers boast phenomenal success in the past, and they have high hopes for this year's substantially larger crusade. Campaign director Shawn Carney observed, "I often go back to those wonderful numbers — 4,313 lives saved from abortion, 53 clinic workers who've left the abortion industry, and 16 abortion centers that have gone out of business after 40 Days for Life's peaceful prayer vigils were held in the public right-of-way outside their doors." He anticipates tens of thousands will participate this year.

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From "40 Days for Life vigil begins" by Bill Sherman, Tulsa World Religion Writer 10/1/11

The rally was held at the Garden of Hope, a park owned by the Catholic Diocese of Tulsa across the street from Reproductive Services, 6136 E. 32nd Place, Tulsa's only abortion provider.

Speaker Tony Lauinger, chairman of Oklahomans for Life, compared America's more than 50 million abortions since 1973 to the Holocaust.

Anthony Keiser with the Family Life Office of the Diocese of Tulsa said 500 to 1,000 people from several denominations will fill one-hour time slots to pray around the clock for 40 days at the park.

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From "Anti-abortion effort begins 40-day vigil" by Sarah Garfinkel, Peoria Journal Star 9/28/11

Each day, individuals will stand outside National Health Care, 7405 N. University St., protesting the legal abortions performed there.

This is the fourth year 40 Days for Life has been held in Peoria. It began in Texas in 2004 and uses three components in its campaign to bring an end to abortion: prayer and fasting, constant vigil and community outreach.

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From "40 Days for Life set for next campaign" Jennifer Hatcher, Baptist Press 9/26/11

As a community effort, 40 Days for Life uses three components in its campaigns, Bereit said. Participants 1) pray and fast to end abortion, 2) participate in vigils and 3) have grassroots community outreach.

"We provide daily devotionals for prayer," he said. "For fasting, we leave it up to them, because it is a very personal thing."

The effort follows a pattern of biblical history in which God used 40-day periods to teach His people to recognize His power and trust in Him, 40 Days for Life officials say.

"My ultimate hope is to see abortion ended through the faithfulness of God's people," Bereit said.

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