Sunday, October 23, 2011

Students Have Sex in Video, as They're Taught

YouTube videos show children as young as 14 having sex at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore. Of course, the kids were just doing what the school has taught them, but they're being marked down for making videos of their sex, which are legally classified as child pornography.

Details have not been released concerning "safe-sex" techniques employed.

-- From "Video of students, 14, having sex on campus goes viral - while copycat sex tape shames neighbouring school" by UK Daily Mail Reporter 10/23/11

Two separate high schools are investigating videos containing footage of under-age students having sex, both on school grounds.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube removed one of the videos that displayed the students as young as 14-years-old having sex outside a school building in Baltimore.

The second video, involving three students in an auditorium at Milford Mill Academy, has yet to be acquired by authorities.

Police say the students created it while a substitute teacher was holding class in the same room.

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From "Baltimore City Public Schools In the Midst of a Sexual Tape Scandal" by Gretta DeMennato, Harford County Gifted Children Examiner 10/20/11

WJZ TV first broke the story of a 14-year-old Baltimore City Public Schools student who was allegedly taped having sexual relations on Baltimore City Public Schools Property. The victim in this incident had no idea that she was being taped, and thus could not have given consent to be taped. The video was posted on several websites and went viral.

The students involved in this scandal all attended Frederick Douglass High School in Northwest Baltimore. School officials confirm that the sex tape was filmed after school outside a building not used for instructional purposes.

It is important to remember that this student was 14-years-old at the time of the incident. The age of legal consent for sexual relations in Maryland is 16-years-old. This means that this incident will involve statutory rape and possible child pornography charges. In statutory rape cases- the State asserts that although the 14-year-old gave consent, she was not legally eligible to make this decision herself.

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