Saturday, October 15, 2011

2012: Obama vs. an Evangelical, or vs. a Mormon?

If American political campaigns reflect public opinion, the 2012 presidential election is shaping up as a choice between President Obama and one of several evangelical Christians, all of whom have now publicly announced that God has called him/her to the campaign; or, there's Mitt Romney, the leading Mormon candidate.

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Below are videos of three of the evangelical Christian candidates wherein each one speaks of his/her Christian faith and conviction, along with background links.

For Herman Cain Christian background, read 'I Felt Like Moses,' Says Herman Cain and also read Herman Cain: Christian Tea Party Candidate

Herman Cain speaks at Faith & Freedom event at Ohio Christian University 10/13/11:

For Rick Perry Christian background, read God Leading Rick Perry to Presidency, Says Wife and also read Rick Perry 'Talks Christian,' Media Perturbed as well as Texas-sized Prayers to God - Gov. Perry

Rick Perry speaks at Liberty University 9/14/11:

For Michele Bachmann Christian background, read Michele Bachmann Exposed as Christian by Liberals and also read Can an Evangelical Woman be President? as well as Bachmann Believes Jesus Saves Us from Sin

Michele Bachmann speaks at Liberty University 9/28/11:

Mitt Romney vs. Christian Tea Party Candidates

From "Romney's rise challenges tea party's clout in GOP" by Charles Babington, Associated Press 10/15/11

On the surface, Romney's strength seems at odds with the tea party's fiery success in ousting Republicans seen as compromisers, and in making the House GOP caucus more ideological, even when its leaders plead for flexibility.

Romney defends the government's 2008 bank bailouts, plus the mandated health insurance he initiated as Massachusetts governor. He says he can work with "good Democrats." Although he later changed, Romney once supported abortion rights, gun control and gay rights.

These positions run counter to the beliefs and goals of many tea party activists scattered throughout the country. . . .

Polls of Republicans show Romney holding steady at about 25 percent, while Bachmann, Perry and Cain take turns making surges. "That tells me that 75 percent of the primary voters would really rather have someone else," said GOP lobbyist and consultant Mike McKenna.

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UPDATE 10/22/11: Most candidates speak of their Christian faith in Iowa (video)