Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miss. Town Counters Atheists on Prayer in School

When residents of Summit, (Pike County) Mississippi saw the atheists' threatening letter regarding prayer in public school, they decided to mount a campaign to challenge the national trend of acquiescing to the politically correct distortion of the U.S. Constitution.

-- From "Lord's Prayer recited at Friday's football game" by Roslyn Anderson, WLBT-TV3 (Mississippi) 10/10/11

A movement is underway to allow open prayer in schools and school related events.

Some Mississippi schools, including one in Pike County, have continued prayer at sporting events and want to reverse the U.S. Supreme Court decision.

On September 23rd, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent letters to Mississippi school districts discouraging prayer at school sponsored events after they reported receiving complaints from Mississippi residents.

"We got a letter saying that we had to stop prayer, but I'm going to tell you, you're not going to stop prayer at North Pike because individuals are always gonna have the right to pray," said North Pike School District Superintendent Dr. Ben Cox.

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From "Freedom FROM Religion?" by Paul Ott, Listen to the Eagle Radio and Television Shows

. . . Being a God, family and Country outdoor show, we made the immediate announcement that we would pray at the first Friday night game of any school that called in a request for us to do so. . . . to avoid getting the school in trouble, the decision was made to legally have The Lord’s Prayer repeated by the fans at the stadium that wished to do so, immediately following the National Anthem. It seemed that all six hundred fans did so.

. . . Well, sorry, Freedom From Religioners! And, thank you, North Pike High School football fans and the opposing team’s fans from Purvis, Mississippi, for standing up and reciting The Lord’s Prayer just as our Lord and Savior instructed us to do. No, Sir, Mr. ACLU and Mr. Freedom From Religion, and all you other organizations that wish to take God out of this God-Blessed Country for over 200 years! You will not succeed, due to the will of God and prayer. Our forefathers founded this great country on Prayer and we will continue to pray and one day, you may understand the “power of prayer.” You are free to stay away from prayer and religion, but you are not free to make us God-fearing people stay away from God publicly or privately!

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