Friday, November 26, 2010

Lesbianism NOT Genetic: Study

A recently released study shows a link between childhood family structure and the rate of female homosexuality -- undermining the claim that sexual orientation is genetic or biological.

-- From "Lesbianism linked to upbringing" by Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow 11/22/10

Family Research Council (FRC) looked into the family lives and worship rates of 7,643 women between the ages of 14 and 44. Pat Fagan, senior fellow and director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at FRC, co-evaluated the data and tells OneNewsNow about the findings.

"Once the girl grows up in a home in which her father is not present, it's about three times" more likely she has had or will have homosexual partners, he says -- but when she is raised by parents who are married and "always intact, it's about a four-percent rate." Moreover, he explains that rate is "slightly higher in the always-intact-but-cohabitating parents -- that's parents who never married."

"The big take away from this study is that clearly, this [type of sexual behavior] is not genetic," Fagan points out. "The different rates of homosexuality among women are very reactive to the family structure within which they grow up. If it was genetic, you would find pretty much the same rates all across."

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From "Study Reveals Lesbianism is Not Genetic" by Sandi Shore, Daily Christian News 11/23/10

Fagan shared the following results:
- A girl who grows up in a family where her father is not present is about 3 times more likely to have homosexual partners.

- Rates continue to rise slightly for step-families and single divorced parents.

- Women who worship regularly, weekly or monthly, have a lower rate of lesbianism.
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