Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christians 'Hold Rudder' in Conservative Politics

As homosexualist GOProud presses the Republican establishment to steer clear of social conservatism, Christians step up to maintain course -- viability of GOProud in question.

UPDATE 2/17/11: 2012 CPAC to reach out to 'social conservatives'

UPDATE 1/27/11: New York Times discovers CPAC because of "GOProud division"

UPDATE 1/6/11: Heritage Foundation and others withdraw from CPAC while Focus on the Family is "on the fence."

UPDATE 12/27/10: FRC & CWA boycott CPAC over GOProud

UPDATE 11/25/10: More Conservatives Boycott CPAC

UPDATE 12/31/10 Video:

-- From "CPAC under fire over gay conservative group" by Ben Smith, Politico 11/16/10

A conservative group has backed out of the annual CPAC conservative political conference, citing the participation of a gay Republican group.

The American Principles Project president Frank Cannon wrote an open letter yesterday to CPAC chair David Keene, saying that his group could not participate in the conference because of GOProud's role in the event.

"Having now examined closely GOProud’s mission and its behavior since its inception, we can only conclude that the organization’s purposes are fundamentally incompatible with a movement that has long embraced the ideals of family and faith in a thriving civil society. They have further defined themselves with their attacks on Senator Jim DeMint, one of the key leaders of this year’s conservative victory," wrote Cannon.

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From "Will the Right bring 'gay' agenda into the tent?" by Brian Fitzpatrick © 2010 WorldNetDaily 11/19/10

The Conservative Political Action Conference board of directors is voting whether to permit a homosexual activist group, GOProud, to participate in CPAC again this year.

CPAC's organizer, the American Conservative Union, is under pressure after the American Principles Project issued an open letter announcing its withdrawal from the conference over GOProud's participation.

With several more social conservative groups dropping out or threatening to do so behind the scenes, ACU chairman David Keene called on CPAC's board of directors to decide whether GOProud should be welcomed at the conference for a second straight year, according to a source on the board.

"Well, I guess we're going to have to boycott until they stop embracing homosexuality as a so-called conservative value," said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. "The reality is that GOProud is a homosexual activist group that would expand government to accommodate homosexuality."

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From "GOProud 'never' a part of tea party" by Brian Fitzpatrick © 2010 WorldNetDaily 11/20/10

Tea Party Nation founder and CEO Judson Phillips plans to set the GOP congressional leadership straight about the tea party's legislative demands, after a handful of Tea Party Patriots and a homosexual activist group, GOProud, released an open letter last Monday urging Republicans to ignore social issues.

"There is a battle going on for the heart and soul of the tea-party movement," Phillips told WND. "GOProud has its own agenda. It wants to create credibility for itself by leveraging the tea-party movement, but GOProud has never been a part of the tea-party movement."

Phillips is also taking aim at abortion.

"The abortion industry is a multibillion dollar industry. Why are they getting funding from the government? Cut that off!" said Phililips.

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