Wednesday, November 03, 2010

'Teavangelical Party' Emerges from 2010 Election Polling

While the GOP establishment has advocated a 'Culture War truce,' it's now been proved that "the largest single constituency in the electorate in the 2010 midterm elections were self-identified evangelicals, who compromised 29 percent of the vote and cast an astonishing 78 percent of their ballots for Republican candidates."

UPDATE 2/24/11: GOP voters place social issues as among top priorities

UPDATE 11/10/10: Majority of voters ranked America's moral decline/values second to economy as major issue

-- From "The Results Are In: Welcome to the 'Teavangelical Party'" posted at The Brody File, The Christian Broadcasting Network 11/3/10

The Brody File has coined a new phrase: The "Teavangelical Party." The polling from the 2010 Midterm Elections proves it.

According to a Public Opinion Strategies poll that has assessed the Midterm Election results from Tuesday, (conducted for the Faith and Freedom Coalition) 52 percent of all people who identified themselves as part of the Tea Party movement are also conservative Evangelicals.

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From "Religion in the 2010 Elections: A Preliminary Look" by Greg Smith, a senior researcher at the Pew Forum, and Scott Clement, a survey research analyst at the Pew Forum 11/3/10

. . . white Protestants voted overwhelmingly Republican and religiously unaffiliated voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly for Democrats. But Catholic voters, who had favored Democratic over Republican candidates by double-digit margins in the last two congressional elections, swung to the GOP in 2010.

Analysis by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life of National Election Pool (NEP) exit poll data reported by CNN shows that white Protestants, a group that has long been one of the key components of the GOP coalition, voted for Republicans over Democrats in their congressional districts by a 69%-29% margin. This marks an increase of 6 points in Republicans’ share of the white Protestant vote compared with 2008, and an 8-point gain for Republicans compared with the last midterm election in 2006.

At the other end of the spectrum, the religiously unaffiliated supported Democrats over Republicans by an overwhelming margin in 2010 (66%-32%). But the exit polls also show that Republicans made gains even within this staunchly Democratic group, picking up 10 points compared with 2006. This increase is comparable in size to the GOP’s gains among white Protestants, a traditionally Republican group.

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From "Evangelical, Social Conservative Turnout Highest Ever Recorded in Mid-Term Election" posted at PRNewswire-USNewswire 11/3/10

According to a post-election survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for the Faith and Freedom Coalition, the largest single constituency in the electorate in the 2010 midterm elections was self-identified evangelicals, who comprised 29% of the vote and cast an astonishing 78% of their ballots for Republican candidates.

The turnout by conservative people of faith represented a 5 percent increase in evangelical turnout over 2006---enough to eliminate Democratic gains in that year---and was the largest ever recorded in a midterm election. Because the evangelical vote is concentrated in the South and the Midwest, these voters had an exaggerated impact on yesterday's GOP gains, contributing to the vast majority of U.S. Senate and House victories by Republican candidates.

Evangelicals were joined by frequently-church-attending Roman Catholic voters, who constituted 12 percent of the vote and cast 58 percent of their ballots for Republican candidates, as opposed to 40 percent of their ballots for Democrats, according to CNN exit polling.

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