Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Transgenderism is 'Delusion' Says Victim

Charles [Kane] had a sex change - then hated being Samantha so became a man again. Now he's getting married.

“People who think they are a woman trapped in a male body are, in my opinion, completely deluded. I certainly was. I needed counselling, not a sex-change operation.”

UPDATE 6/18/15: High School Boy Sexually Mutilated, Media Cheer Transgenderism

UPDATE 8/31/11 ABC News video report:

UPDATE 11/10/10 - (Prediction:) Coverage of such sex change operations under ObamaCare

UPDATE 8/26/14 - (Current FACT:) ObamaCare Pays for Sexual Mutilation — Gay Agenda

-- From "A VERY peculiar engagement" By Helen Weathers, UK Daily Mail 11/8/10

Born Sam Hashimi, the businessman and divorced father-of-two had a sex-change operation in 1987 to turn him into glamorous interior designer Samantha Kane.

He spent £100,000 on cosmetic operations and tooth veneers to create the ‘ultimate male fantasy’ and was so convincing as a woman he had no trouble attracting men, and was briefly engaged to a wealthy landowner.

Then, in 2004, after seven years of living as a woman, he decided he’d made a horrible mistake; the result -he believes now -of a breakdown following the acrimonious end of his 12-year ­marriage and estrangement from his children.

So, five years ago, Charles spent a further £25,000 on three operations at the gender clinic at London’s Charing Cross Hospital to turn him back into a male.

The trouble was, he wasn’t the man he had been before.

Though dressed in a suit, he looked neither man nor woman, and vestiges of his beautiful alter ego Samantha remained.

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From "Transsexualism is ‘delusion’ says former sex-swap man" posted at The Christian Institute 11/8/10

Critics of sex change operations say that gender dysphoria is a psychiatric problem, not a physical one, and radical physical surgery does more harm than good.

In 2007 Dr Russell Reid, a doctor specialising in gender dysphoria, was found guilty of serious professional misconduct because he rushed patients into sex change surgery before they had been properly assessed. In 2004 Charles Kane accused Dr Reid of convincing him to have a sex change operation.

A Home Office report from April 2000 said: “Many people revert to their biological sex after living for some time in the opposite sex”.

[Charles] is seeking funding for a documentary entitled The Sex Change Delusion.

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UPDATE 6/12/14: From "Transgender Surgery Isn't the Solution" by Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, posted at Wall Street Journal

. . . policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention. . . .

You won't hear it from those championing transgender equality, but controlled and follow-up studies reveal fundamental problems with this [transgender rights] movement. When children who reported transgender feelings were tracked without medical or surgical treatment at both Vanderbilt University and London's Portman Clinic, 70%-80% of them spontaneously lost those feelings.

. . . A 2011 study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden produced the most illuminating results yet regarding the transgendered, evidence that should give advocates pause. The long-term study—up to 30 years—followed 324 people who had sex-reassignment surgery. The study revealed that beginning about 10 years after having the surgery, the transgendered began to experience increasing mental difficulties. Most shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable nontransgender population. This disturbing result has as yet no explanation but probably reflects the growing sense of isolation reported by the aging transgendered after surgery. The high suicide rate certainly challenges the surgery prescription.

At the heart of the problem is confusion over the nature of the transgendered. "Sex change" is biologically impossible. People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.

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UPDATE 6/17/15: From "It Is Starkly, Nakedly False That Sex Change Is Possible" by Paul McHugh, MD, University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion, is turning away from his titular identity as one of the “world’s greatest male athletes.” Jenner announced recently that he “identifies as a woman” and, with medical and surgical help, is busy reconstructing his physique.

I have not met or examined Jenner, but his behavior resembles that of some of the transgender males we have studied over the years. These men wanted to display themselves in sexy ways, wearing provocative female garb. More often than not, while claiming to be a woman in a man’s body, they declared themselves to be “lesbians” (attracted to other women). The photograph of the posed, corseted, breast-boosted Bruce Jenner (a man in his mid-sixties, but flaunting himself as if a “pin-up” girl in her twenties or thirties) on the cover of Vanity Fair suggests that he may fit the behavioral mold that Ray Blanchard has dubbed an expression of “autogynephilia”—from gynephilia (attracted to women) and auto (in the form of oneself).

Based on the photographic evidence one might guess Bruce Jenner falls into the group of men who come to their disordered assumption through being sexually aroused by the image of themselves as women. He could have been treated for this misaligned arousal with psychotherapy and medication. Instead, he found his way to surgeons who worked him over as he wished. . . .

For his sake, however, I do hope that he receives regular, attentive follow-up care, as his psychological serenity in the future is doubtful. Future men with similar feelings and intentions should be treated for those feelings rather than being encouraged to undergo bodily changes. Group therapies are now available for them.

. . . overlooked amid the hoopla—enhanced now by Bruce Jenner’s celebrity and Annie Leibovitz’s photography—stand many victims. Think, for example, of the parents whom no one—not doctors, schools, nor even churches—will help to rescue their children from these strange notions of being transgendered and the problematic lives these notions herald. These youngsters now far outnumber the Bruce Jenner type of transgender. Although they may be encouraged by his public reception, these children generally come to their ideas about their sex not through erotic interests but through a variety of youthful psychosocial conflicts and concerns.

. . . The grim fact is that most of these youngsters do not find therapists willing to assess and guide them in ways that permit them to work out their conflicts and correct their assumptions. Rather, they and their families find only “gender counselors” who encourage them in their sexual misassumptions.

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UPDATE 10/12/16: Profit-hungry Hospitals Shun Dr. McHugh's Science

UPDATE 1/26/15: From "The man who's had TWO sex changes: Incredible story of Walt, who became Laura, then REVERSED the operation because he believes surgeons in US and Europe are too quick to operate" by Jay Akbar, UK Daily Mail

At 42-years-old, Walt Heyer was, by all accounts, a happily married man with two children.

But it was then he decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery to become a woman [named Laura Jensen] - a decision he would later say had a 'tremendous, destructive process' on his life. He reverted back to being a man just eight years later.

Now, at 74, Walt, from Los Angeles, tells MailOnline he should never have been allowed to have the sex change in the first place.

And he claims hundreds of others are making the same mistake because surgeons are not properly evaluating their motives to change gender.

Walt's genitals were removed as part of the transformation. He also received breast implants, treatment to reduce the hair on his face, and a course of estrogen hormones for as long as he remained a woman.

In the mid-1980s, Walt says he came to the realisation that his desire to change genders came from deep-rooted childhood trauma - rather than a genetic disorder. But with no safe reversal procedures at the time, it was already too late.

It wasn't until he began studying psychology at the University of California Santa Cruz that he said he came to the self-realisation that being transgender was a 'psychological disorder' - and he'd made a huge mistake.

After eight years of living as Laura Jensen in San Francisco, he had would receive another operation to revert to his 'birth gender'. . . . he once again became Walt Heyer.

Now, through his website 'Sex Change Regret', he acts as an unofficial counselor to those considering the same procedure.

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