Thursday, November 11, 2010

Abortionist Expands Late-term Clinics to More States

A Nebraska doctor who is one of the few in the country to perform abortions late in a pregnancy said Wednesday that he would open new clinics in Iowa and the Washington area.

"The laws are more favorable in these other jurisdictions, and we're going to do the maximum the law allows."

UPDATE 4/25/11: Late-Term Abortion Practitioner LeRoy Carhart Faces Investigation

UPDATE 12/7/10: Over 300 people pray outside clinic as abortions performed

UPDATE 11/30/10: Carhart's mass-murder in Maryland begins Monday

-- From "Doctor opening new late-term abortion clinics in D.C. area, Iowa" by Rob Stein, Washington Post Staff Writer 11/10/10

LeRoy Carhart said he decided to open the clinics because Nebraska had implemented a new law that made it illegal to perform abortions beyond the 20th week of a pregnancy. Only a handful of doctors perform abortions in late pregnancy, and Carhart has been the target of antiabortion protests. George Tiller, who was one of the few doctors who were public, was fatally shot by an antiabortion demonstrator while attending church in Wichita in 2009. Carhart said he worked with Tiller for 11 years.

The location was selected based on a combination of factors, including which jurisdiction had the most favorable laws.

"That's not the only consideration," Carhart said. "We also considered things like being near the Metro and good transportation and access to airports."

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