Sunday, November 21, 2010

Courts May Legalize Polygamy in Canada

Having legalized same-sex marriage over five years ago, Canada is moving to the next stage. Once marriage is defined beyond one man and one woman, there's no logical argument against re-defining marriage to mean almost anything. Ultimately, marriage becomes meaningless -- that's the Gay Agenda.

UPDATE 11/27/10: The slippery slope of disintegration of society

-- From "Trial puts spotlight on polygamy in Canada" posted at the UPI 11/21/10

Canada's ban on polygamy is about to be tested as never before in a British Columbia trial, lawyers and advocates on both sides say.

The "constitutional reference" proceeding opens in the province's Supreme Court Monday and is expected to last through January at least, The Vancouver Sun reported.

If Chief Justice Robert Bauman rules for legalization, Canada would become the first country in the developed world to allow multiple marriage and a likely magnet for U.S. fundamentalist Mormons, along with Muslims, Wiccans and secular polyamorists.

The decision, whichever way it goes, is likely go on the provincial Court of Appeal and eventually the Supreme Court of Canada. And Parliament could still have the last word.

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From "Polygamy trial starts tomorrow" by Keith Fraser, The Province 11/21/10

The governments of B.C. and Canada, who want to uphold the law, are expected to argue that while some women in multiple marriages may be happy, there are social harms associated with the practice.

Polygamous wives are said to suffer increased family stress, depression, jealousy, lower self-esteem and feelings of disempowerment. Children have lower levels of socioeconomic status and reduced academic achievement, say the anti-polygamy forces.

Ron Skolrood, a constitutional lawyer in Vancouver, said it was "very difficult" to predict the outcome given the volume of evidence and argument expected to unfold during the trial.

But he said the case really boils down to a few consistent themes.

"Does the law address real social evils today? Or is it, as the challengers would say, an antiquated law that really has no relevance today?"

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From "Polygamy reference case could open door to legalizing multiple marriage" by Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun 11/21/10

. . . the rules are being made up as the case unfolds.

There will also be academics testifying to their research on polygamous communities both in B.C. and around the world. And there will legal experts parsing Section 293 as well as relevant sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Even if the polygamy section limits any of those freedoms, the judge could decide that the breach of those rights is justifiable if the practice is harmful. Or as the B.C. attorney-general’s lawyer describes it, "The main task facing this court will be assessing and weighing evidence respecting harm: the harm of polygamy versus the harm of prohibition."

[Those wanting the change] are: the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association, B.C. Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

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