Monday, May 18, 2009

CA School Plans Kindergarten Homosexual Indoctrination Curriculum

Program threatened by hundreds of parents flooding Alameda school board meetings -- homosexualists furious that board would consider opinions of parents

In states where same-sex 'marriage' is the law of the land, parents are powerless in this regard, as judges have ruled (and the Supreme Court has let stand) that since homosexuals are legally married, public schools are right to mandate teaching homosexuality as normal, and forbidding any "opt out."

UPDATE 7/14/11: New California law requires teaching "gay history" at all levels in public school

-- From "Uproar in Alameda over lessons about gays" Jill Tucker, San Fran. Chronicle Staff Writer 5/16/09

Alameda school officials had high hopes the new elementary school curriculum would teach respect and help reduce bullying related to gay and lesbian individuals and families.

The controversy revolves around six 45-minute lessons, one each year from kindergarten through fifth grade, with year one addressing the harm in teasing and the fifth-grade topic focusing on sexual-orientation stereotypes.

Alameda Unified's attorneys say parents would not be allowed to keep their children from taking the courses because the lessons don't include health or sexual education, a position opponents say is absurd.

The board is expected to vote on the proposed curriculum on May 26.

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From "Action Alert: Homosexual Curriculum Meeting in Alameda" posted on Capitol Resource Institute 5/8/09

Elementary students are being targeted with proposed curriculum on homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality in Alameda Unified School District.

This multisexual curriculum is part of AUSD’s “school safety” initiative. All students should be safe at school, but promoting safety and promoting multisexuality are not actually the same thing. Unfortunately, the social agenda first seen in San Francisco and Los Angeles continues to spread.

In kindergarten, being “welcoming” to all classmates is equated with supporting multisexuality. The first grade lesson plan trains children “to identify what makes a family” and teaches about same-sex couples. Third grade vocabulary includes “two moms” and “two dads.” Fifth graders are required “to identify stereotypes about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

In one document, AUSD lists 12 multisexuality-focused organizations as community resources. These include the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education (, Gay-Straight Alliance Network (, and Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (

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Below is the first paragraph from a lengthy argument in favor of the homosexual indoctrination program written by the local mainline church lesbian 'pastor' published in the local newspaper.

From "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" by Rev. Laura Rose 5/7/09

As the pastor of First Congregational Church Alameda, United Church of Christ, I am grateful to the Alameda Unified School District for actively responding to our teachers' requests for a curriculum that would give them the tools and resources they need to foster respect for all the people in our neighborhood by putting a face on same-gender parented families who have been invisible in K-5 curriculum until now.

If you've never read the typical homosexualist's interpretation of the Bible, click here to read the lesbian's entire writing. This 'pastor' not only performs same-sex weddings in her 'church,' she also was a lesbian bride last year:

From "Making History: Couples Wed While They Can" by Dennis Evanosky and Julia Park Tracey, Alameda Sun 10/30/08

. . . the Rev. Laura Rose, is personally a beneficiary of the [California] Supreme Court decision; she married her life partner in mid-August. "We were the first legal same-gender wedding at our church," she said, noting that there have been more since then.

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And, one more article on this indoctrination curriculum

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