Saturday, May 09, 2009

Obamanomics: Abstinence Funding Out, Taxpayer Abortion In

President Obama worldview apparent in proposed 2010 budget

UPDATE 5/11/09: Conservatives vow to fight elimination of abstinence-only prgrams

-- From "President Obama's budget cuts funding for abstinence-only sex education programs" by Michael Mcauliff, Daily News Washington Bureau 5/8/09

The White House wants to get out of the business of telling youngsters "Just Say No to Sex."

President Obama is putting his own ideological stamp on federal spending in his proposed 2010 budget by cutting cash for abstinence-only sex ed programs.

He's taken a scalpel to a pair of $100 million George W. Bush-era programs that exclusively preached abstinence. Obama is replacing them with $110 million for comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention.

Dumping the say-no-to-sex programs were a tiny fraction of the $17 billion Team Obama trimmed from its $3.4 trillion funding budget request.

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From "Obama Wants Tax Money To Fund DC Abortions" by Joe Murray, The Bulletin [Philadelphia] 5/8/09

President Barack Obama urged the Democratic-controlled House and Senate to repeal the ban on taxpayer-funded abortions in the District of Columbia as one of his budgetary recommendations earlier this week.

The $3.4 trillion budget Mr. Obama submitted to Congress suggested the repeal of the ban, often referred to as the Dornan amendment, which prevents taxpayer-funded abortions in the District. First passed in 1988, the ban was in place until 1993 when it was briefly repealed under the Clinton administration.

By 1996, the ban was re-enacted and remains law. The budget proposal to repeal the Dornan Amendment has a number of political observers crying foul.

“Some wide-eyed journalists and various political shills for the Obama administration continue to write fairy tales about how President Obama wants to pursue policies that would reduce abortions,” said Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC).

“That is a political scam. In reality, President Obama is pursuing a step-by-step strategy to expand access to abortion, and today’s step is to urge Congress to authorize the funding of abortion on demand in the nation’s capital, with funds appropriated by Congress.”

Abortion has been a tricky issue for Mr. Obama since he entered the presidential campaign. While on the trail, Mr. Obama dodged questions pertaining to his pro-choice voting record in Illinois and famously told Pastor Rick Warren the topic of abortion was above his “pay grade.”

. . . Mr. Obama’s rhetoric, pro-lifers say, does not match reality.

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