Saturday, May 30, 2009

ACLU Lawsuit Results in Ban on Graduation Speeches

However, the ACLU win earlier this year against Florida's Santa Rosa County School District couldn't stop the students' speeches at the Baccalaureate ceremony held at the local Assembly of God Church.

UPDATE 3/21/11: Federal judge grants preliminary injunction against school and orders trial

UPDATE 6/5/09: Students stand in defiance of ACLU by reciting the Lord's Prayer

-- From "Students denied graduation speeches -- Because of prayer in school ban by ACLU" by Mike Rockwood & Charissa Cowart, 5/28/09

Seniors at Pace High School are getting ready for their graduation, but this year the Class and School Board Presidents won't be allowed to speak.

The students can't speak because of a consent decree signed by the Santa Rosa County School District. The decree stems from an ACLU lawsuit.

The ACLU says school officials promoted their own religious beliefs at school influencing students which might include the two Presidents.

Class President, Kaitlynn Floyd says being able to speak at this [Baccalaureate] ceremony is good enough.

"I just think this year, we're going to make it through and our class is going to make a stand at Baccalaureate and that will show where their heart really is," Floyd added.

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