Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Archbishop Slams Obama For Anti-Life, Anti-Family Agenda

Archbishop Raymond Burke, the prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, the highest court in the Roman Catholic Church . . . [said] that no matter what good positions a politician may hold on other issues it is never justified to vote for him if he supports abortion, euthanasia or same-sex marriage.

-- From "Archbishop slams Obama for anti-life, anti-family agenda, also slams Sebelius and Notre Dame" by Bill Dalton, Kansas City Star 5/8/09

The American bishop who heads the Vatican’s supreme court slammed President Obama today for pursuing an “anti-life and anti-family agenda” and called the University of Notre Dame’s plans to honor him this month “the greatest scandal.”

At the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Friday, Burke garnered frequent applause for castigating Notre Dame, Obama, and Catholics who stray from the church’s social teachings.

Dozens of Catholic bishops have criticized Notre Dame, the nation’s top Catholic university, for inviting Obama to deliver its commencement address on May 17, and planning to grant him the degree customarily given to graduation speakers.

Burke also denounced a number of early moves by the White House, including . . . research on certain types of embryonic stem cells, as well as preparing to roll back some conscience protections for health care workers.

Burke also criticized Catholics who support or work for the Obama administration, particularly new cabinet member Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius did not attend the annual Catholic prayer breakfast, nor did Vice President Joe Biden, who is Catholic, or any Catholic member of Obama’s cabinet.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia also delivered remarks on Friday, and urged fellow Catholics not to be ashamed of their theological beliefs amid a largely secular culture.

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From "No Other Issues Can Justify Voting for Pro-Abortion, Pro-Euthanasia, or Pro-Same-Sex Marriage Politicians, Says Vatican’s Top Judicial Official" by Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief CNSNews.com 5/11/09

“In a nation set so firmly on a path of violation of the most fundamental moral norms, Catholics and others who adhere to the natural moral law are pressured to think that their religious commitment to the moral law as the way of seeking the good of all is a merely confessional matter which cannot have any application in public life,” Burke told a crowd gathered at the Hilton Washington.

“Apparently, a number of Catholics in public life have been so convinced,” he continued.

“How often do we hear Catholic legislators who vote in favor of anti-life and anti-family legislation claim that they are personally opposed to what the legislation protects and fosters, but that they as public officials may not allow religious beliefs to affect their support of such legislation?” he asked.

“How often do we hear fellow Catholics supporting candidates for office, who are anti-life and anti-family, because of political-party loyalties or for reasons of other policies and programs supported by the candidate, which they deem to be good?” he continued.

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