Friday, May 08, 2009

Vote on New Maine Same-sex 'Marriage' Law Likely

Maine's constitution provides a "people's veto" referendum opportunity to nullify the legislature's "gay marriage" bill signed by Gov. John Baldacci

UPDATE 9/21/09: Fierce advertising battle shaping up for referendum

UPDATE 9/2/09: Maine citizens to vote on same-sex marriage in November

-- From "Opponents challenging new Maine gay marriage law" by Glenn Adams, Associated Press 5/7/09

Activists on both sides Thursday started working up strategies for campaigns leading up to a possible November referendum under a state constitutional provision known as the people's veto.

The deadline for opponents to collect at least 55,087 signatures will probably fall in mid-September, about the time the gay marriage law is due to take effect.

However, the law would be stayed as soon as the signatures are submitted for review by election officials. And the timing of when petitions are turned in will determine whether the referendum can be scheduled for this November or June 2010.

The National Association of Marriage Enhancement — which helped drive successful referendums in Arizona, California and Florida to pass laws defining marriage as between one man and one woman — said it is looking for ways to help out.

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