Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hamas Satellite TV Brings Violence to Children

An Islamic television station is using a Bugs Bunny lookalike in a programme for children, who vote whether to chop off his hands when he breaches Sharia law.

-- From "Islamic 'Bugs Bunny' programme 'spreads extremism'" posted at the UK Telegraph 7/23/08

Assud the rabbit vows to "kill and eat Jews" and glorifies the maiming of "infidels" on the Palestinian children's show Tomorrow's Pioneers.

In one episode, Assud admits stealing money and is seen begging for mercy after young viewers and parents phone in demanding to cut off his hands as punishment.

At that point, Saraa, the 11-year-old presenter, intervenes and rules that the bunny should only have his ears severed because he has repented.

The rabbit, played by a costumed actor, is one of the main characters on the show broadcast in Gaza by the al-Aqsa channel, which is otherwise known as Hamas TV.

Religious leaders in Britain, where the channel can be viewed via satellite, criticised the programme, amid fears British children could be affected by the radical Islamic message.

Set up as a regional station prior to the Palestinian elections in January 2006, the al-Aqsa channel now airs on a satellite slot and has a substantial following across the Arab world.

The show is regularly translated and posted online by The Middle East Media Research Institute, an independent media monitoring group based in the United States.

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