Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tony Campolo, Jim Wallis: The Marxist Delusion and a Christian Evangelist

In the final analysis it's Communism, not Biblical Christianity, that dominates the thinking of the 'Evangelical Left'

From "Tony Campolo, Jim Wallis: The Marxist Delusion and a Christian Evangelist" by David Noebel, posted 2/19/08 at

I have just finished reading Tony Campolo’s book Letters to a Young Evangelical. Published by Basic Books and copyrighted by Campolo in 2006, this work gives the reader an amazing look into the mind and heart of a radical sociologist on a mission—to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. The cannon fodder for establishing this Kingdom is the poor, the wretched, the oppressed, the naked, the downtrodden, and the proletariat. The chief tool to bring about this Kingdom is “progressive politics” (3). Its Mein Kampf is Jim Wallis’ God’s Politics. Indeed, Jim Wallis is featured on the jacket of Campolo's book with this statement: “Tony Campolo is my favorite evangelist.”

Campolo's volume is a veritable love-fest among three leftwing Evangelicals—Campolo and his two partners in crime (the crime being deception): Ron Sider (Evangelicals for Social Action) and Jim Wallis (Sojourners magazine), whom he calls his "best of friends" throughout the book. All three subscribe to the same party line—liberal, leftwing, allegedly progressive, ideas that impact social, economic and political action. “I believe,” says Campolo, “that Christians should engage in efforts to change the political and economic structures of our society because these structures do not adequately address the needs of the poor and oppressed” (4, 5, 258).

The purpose of Campolo’s letters to two young evangelicals (Timothy and Junia) is to convince them that the “Religious Right” in America is their sworn enemy, and if they wish to get serious about God’s business, which is assisting the poor and oppressed to bring in the Kingdom of God, they must reject the Jerry Falwells, the James Dobsons and the Tim LaHaye’s of the conservative wing of Evangelicalism and stake their claim with the true “progressives,” namely the Sider, Wallis and Campolo camp. This camp will bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth in spite of the constant foot dragging of their non-progressive, conservative, Evangelical counterparts.

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