Saturday, July 12, 2008

Catholic Head in Ontario Supports Honoring Abortionist

"I know it's divisive, but I think it's important," he says.

-- From "Catholic Ontario Premier Supports Abortionist Morgentaler's Order of Canada" by Tim Waggoner at 7/10/08

Ontario's Catholic premier has come out in support of the decision to grant Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada [Canada's highest civilian honour for lifetime achievement].

The National Post reports that [Catholic Premier Dalton] McGuinty is aware that Morgentaler's actions are "controversial" among Canadians [many elected officials have voiced disgust at the appointment], but maintained that the appointment recognizes the abortionist's fight to give women the right to make hard choices.

"I know that Dr. Morgentaler's been seen as a controversial figure, but I believe in a woman's right to make a very difficult decision," McGuinty said.

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Background from the Guardian: Dr. Morgentaler, is a Polish-born Holocaust survivor, who was trained as a family physician before opening his first abortion clinic in Montreal in 1969 -- offering a procedure still illegal at the time. After decades of arrests and court cases, he risked both his career and his life for the sake of establishing legal abortion.