Thursday, July 17, 2008

McDonald’s Supports Same-sex 'Marriage' and other Radical Homosexual Causes

Press Conference at McDonald's worldwide headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois
July 16, 2008

by Sandy Rios

Good morning! My name is Sandy Rios. I am the President of Culture Campaign, and the host of the Sandy Rios Show on AM 1160, WYLL [Chicago].

I am also the mother of two grown children who like millions of American kids, grew up loving Happy Meals and Ronald McDonald. McDonald's has become a uniquely American institution, recognized worldwide by its golden arches and family-friendly atmosphere. We have loved its food and trusted its message….until now.

The fact is that children come from two parents…mom and dad… and are best served when that Mom and Dad form a family to secure their environment and nurture them into adulthood. We used to all agree about that, but somewhere we lost our moorings.

Television and movies would tell us there are “other families” of equal value, that men should be able to marry men and women marry women. Interestingly enough, a great majority of our American family still do not hold that view. And the reason is that no matter how loud the voices or how convincing the sitcoms, we know deep down marriage between a man and a woman is the only real, healthy marriage, forming the very best family.

But now in a deeply disappointing move, McDonald’s has decided to use the money we give them to support homosexual marriage and other radical homosexual causes. One franchise in San Francisco proudly supported the Gay Pride Parade where men simulate copulation publicly, and both lesbians and gay men present a bawdy display of nudity and sex.

And when concerns have been raised by their loyal, family customers about the unacceptable duality of appealing to children while undermining their innocence and future, we have been accused of “hate.”

So “good-bye” to Ronald McDonald, Happy Meals and the family tradition of the Golden Arches. I cannot and will not spend one more dime there and am encouraging all those who are part of the Culture Campaign family and my radio audience to do the same. It is a matter of personal conscience.

And by the way, I have discovered lots of great fast foods in the interim! McDonald’s has the brand, but not necessarily the best food. That’s why this boycott may be less painful than you think!