Saturday, July 12, 2008

Batavia, IL Library Promotes Planned Parenthood to Kids

"The premise is that everyone is sexually active, regardless of what their values are, regardless of what their parents believe."

Update: Library Board Unanimous - Keep Teenwire Link on Website

-- From "Parents Outraged by Library Link to Planned Parenthood Web Site" Family News in Focus 6/27/08

Parents were outraged when they learned their library in Batavia, Ill., links its computers to Planned Parenthood's teen Web site. They have formed a coalition and are calling for the link to be removed.

Parent Kerry Knott complained to the library director after discovering the link.

"This is horrible stuff," she said. "It promotes birth control, sexual activity (and) makes a joke of abstinence. It mocks parents and makes us out to be idiots."

She and about 60 other parents took their case to the library board recently. Knott claims they were cut off early by the board.

"We the people, the taxpayers who fund the libraries, are no longer in control of the libraries," Knott said.

LeAnna Benn, an abstinence instructor and executive director of Teen Aid, said: "When I read about the case, I was not surprised because the American Library Association has teamed up with Planned Parenthood on a regular basis to promote 'comprehensive' sex education."

She said "comprehensive" sex education really should be called "condom-promotion education."

WARNING: This Planned Parenthood website (for teens) should ONLY be viewed by mature adults!

CLICK HERE to see stuff that is so crude that it certainly wouldn't be shown on broadcast TV. This is what the "educators" of America think children should be viewing. Look at the lower-right corner of the webpage for the graphic "How Pregnancy Happens" to see a cartoon for kids -- the characters are talking sex organs.

Not surprisingly, a Chicago Sun Times journalist is very much in favor of children being sexualized at an early age.

-- From "Another misguided attack - Batavia critics complain about TeenWire" by Laura Berman, Chicago Sun Times 7/7/08

The Batavia Library has listed Planned Parenthood's teen Web site under the health and fitness Web site links in its Young Adult section.

This Web site offers teens information on everything from menstrual cycles, body image concerns, STDs and, yes, birth control options. However, some parents and library board members are decrying the Web site's existence on the library computers, stating that the information offered by Planned Parenthood is "inaccurate" and "extremely misleading."

. . . sites like TeenWire make sex education that much more relevant to teens by offering stories from actual teen mothers, along with information on peer pressure, cliques and dating advice. Parents, teachers and lawmakers need to realize that waving the proverbial finger in teens' faces does nothing to protect them, inform them or empower them to make safe, smart decisions about their sexuality and their lives.

To read this entire Sun Times article, CLICK HERE.

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