Friday, July 18, 2008

Religious Liberty of Psychologists Threatened

From "Counselor Fired after Referring Homosexual to Colleague Because of Religious Objections" posted 7/17/08 at

ATLANTA, GA, July 17, 2008 ( - Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of a licensed counselor who was fired after referring a person seeking counsel with a same-sex relationship to a colleague. Rather than attempt to provide a service that would conflict with her sincerely-held religious beliefs on homosexual behavior, Marcia Walden referred her to another counselor; however, the counselee later filed a complaint that ultimately cost Walden her job.

...On Aug. 21, 2007, a woman employed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sought counsel from Walden, a counselor at Computer Sciences Corporation, regarding a same-sex relationship. Walden explained that the client's needs would conflict with her religious beliefs and that, therefore, it would be unfair for her to serve as the woman's counselor. As a result, Walden referred the individual to a colleague.

After meeting with the client, Walden's colleague told her that she had done "the right thing" by referring the woman to him. However, the client later filed a complaint against Walden which led to an investigation and religiously-based questioning from Walden's supervisors, including pressure to hide her religious beliefs from future clients. She was later terminated as an employee.

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When will people comprehend the fact that the social and political goals of homosexualists (i.e. homosexuals and those who support their beliefs and goals) poses one of the greatest domestic threats to fundamental First Amendment speech and religious rights that we face today?

People are evidently unwilling to put together all the pieces to see the puzzle.They hear about a pastor being jailed, and another pastor being fined, and a business being sued, and a college administrator or psychologist being fired, and a pro-homosexual text being taught in high school, and conservative scholarship being censored, and laws being passed that require elementary students to be taught about homosexuality and "transgenderism" favorably, and marriage laws being violated, and municipalities legislating that cross-dressers be allowed to use the bathroom of choice--and still people go about their business as if everything is hunky dory.

What unconscionable complacency; what ignoble selfishness; what sorry role models.
When my future grandchildren become elementary school age and public schools permit cross-dressing teachers, or openly homosexual teachers, or require the reading of picture books that portray positively homosexual families, and prohibit opting-out, I hope to be able to tell my children that I did everything I could to prevent this offense against truth, innocence, and decency.

-Laurie Higgins

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