Monday, July 07, 2008

Church of England Faces Ruin Over Women Bishops

"When does principled pragmatism and a generosity of spirit topple over into theological incoherence and the loss of any clear guiding principles?"

-- From "Church of England faces ruin over women bishops" by Ruth Gledhill at Times Online 7/5/08

Members of the General Synod urged church leaders to postpone a decision on women bishops until more detailed proposals could be drawn up on how to care for opponents.

More than 1,300 clergy are threatening to leave the Church if women are consecrated to the episcopate without legislation enacted to protect them.

The Anglo-Catholic wing wants a special, extra-geographical diocese or province created as a woman-bishop and woman-priest free zone, to preserve the Church's apostolic tradition of a male-only priesthood.

The issue threatens to divide the Church even more deeply than the vote to ordain women priests in 1992.

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