Saturday, July 07, 2012

Multitude of Kid's Legal Parents, Yet No Marriage

In the continuing effort to destroy any sense of family structure, new Gay Agenda legislation in California will allow any number of people to simultaneously be deemed legal parents of a child, even with none of them married to one another.

For background, read Sen. Leno's 'Teaching Gay History' Law for California and also read More Than Two Genders, California Kindergartners Taught as well as Study: Gay Parenting Harms Kids - Media Frantic

-- From "Bill would let children have more than 2 parents" by David Bienick, KCRA-TV3 7/2/12

The bill, SB 1476, was written by Sen. Mark Leno, a [proud homosexual] Democrat from San Francisco.

"SB 1476 amends California's parentage laws to provide that where more than two people meet the definition of a parent, the court may recognized more than two parents, if doing so is required to protect the best interests of the child," according to a summary provided by Leno's office.

Leno said the law would have limited application in California and is similar to legislation already present in three other states -- Delaware, Maine, Pennsylvania -- and the District of Columbia.

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From "California Bill Would Allow A Child More Than 2 Parents" posted at CBS Los Angeles 7/3/12

Current law allows a parent to be a man who signs a voluntary declaration of paternity, or a man who was married and living with a child’s mother, or who took a baby into his home and represented the child as his own, according to the [Sacramento] Bee.

SB 1476 would allow for a third person to take on the legal role of a parent in a variety of circumstances, including a lesbian couple and the child’s biological father or a divorced couple and a new spouse.

The bill stemmed from an appellate court case in 2011 involving a child’s biological mother, her same-sex partner and a man who had an affair with the biological mother . . .

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From "Children could have more than 2 parents under bill" by Hannah Dreier, Associated Press 7/2/12

Leno has characterized the bill as a response to America's evolving families. Married couples dropped below half of all American households for the first time in 2010, according to the Census Bureau.

Supporters cited several examples where the law could be applied, including a lesbian couple that conceived a child with the help of a sperm donor who has been involved as a parent, or a man who married a woman while she was pregnant with another man's child, who also maintained his role a father.

Opponents fear there could be no limit to the number of parents a child could have.

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From "California Bill Could Allow Multiple Parents" by Spencer Allan Brooks, WGGB-TV (Springfield, Mass.) 7/3/12

But why could this be needed? An example comes from one woman on Facebook, Karen Campbell. She writes, “My cousin’s kids have 3 people who are their parents: her, the useless jerk who refused to pay child support after the divorce, and the upstanding man who stepped in to support and raise someone else’s children. The man who paid their bills and loves them more than the bio-father has no legal parenthood rights, and in case of the mother’s death, would not get custody of the children he raised. What’s wrong with this picture?”

Here’s another example. A man is dating a woman who’s pregnant, then raises that child for at least seven years, but that child still has a relationship with its biological father. Three parents and the court could recognize all three.

Another example: a same-sex female couple asking a male friend to help them conceive. Then they decide all three would help raise that child: three parents.

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From "Calif. Considers Allowing Multiple Parents for Children" by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter 7/4/12

"The bill brings California into the 21st century, recognizing that there are more than 'Ozzie and Harriet' families today," Leno shared in an interview.

The bill, which was sponsored by the University of San Diego School of Law's Children's Advocacy Institute and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, has already advanced through the State Senate but now needs an Assembly vote.

"We hear all this celebratory talk about 'new families,' but there is no sociological, psychological or medical data showing any of these new family forms have served to elevate the general physical, mental, educational or developmental well-being of children in any meaningful way," said Glenn T. Stanton, director of Global Family Formation Studies for the conservative group Focus on the Family.

"That job is best done for children by their own mother and father," he added. "And this bill would only take us farther down the trail of more 'experimental families' that fulfill adult desires, but consistently fail our children."

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