Sunday, July 01, 2012

ObamaCare a BFD: White House Tweets F-bomb Profanity

In celebration of the Supreme Court decision favoring ObamaCare, President Obama's personal twitter account harkened back to VP Joe Biden's characterization of ObamaCare as "a big f*cking deal" when the legislation became law in March 2010.

For background, read Supreme Court OKs Taxes for Abortion: ObamaCare

-- From "Elated Democrats curse it up to celebrate healthcare ruling" by Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times 6/29/12

After the ruling, Obama's campaign on Thursday tweeted "Still a BFD," and a link to its website for a $30 T-shirt that says "Health Reform Still a BFD." The acronym stands for the colorful phrase Vice President Joe Biden said to Obama -- loud enough to be caught by a microphone -- before the president signed the healthcare legislation.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sent supporters an email saying that although Thursday had been a good day, work remained to be done. The subject line: "Let's win the damn election."

A beaming House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, "The politics be damned. This is about what we came to do."

And, in a message that Politico’s Playbook called the “tweet of the year,” Democratic National Committee official Patrick Gaspard, immediately after the decision was announced, tweeted, "it’s constitutional. Bitches."

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From "Obama campaign: Health reform is still a BFD" by Kristen A. Lee, New York Daily News 6/29/12

President Obama’s campaign wants you to know it thinks the Supreme Court’s landmark health care decision is a BFD: a big f---ing deal, that is.

The President’s campaign sent an unsigned tweet late Thursday night that simply read: “Still a BFD.” The tweet included a link to the campaign’s online merchandise store, where it is now offering a T-shirt that proclaims in bold lettering: “Health Reform Still a BFD.”

The cheeky abbreviation refers to Vice President Joe Biden’s hot-mic moment in 2010 when Obama signed health reform into law. As Biden gave Obama a congratulatory hug at the podium, he was overheard telling him: “This is a big f---ing deal.”

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