Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quincy, IL Prays for Rain, as Dem Governor Asked

Even as liberals file lawsuits to stop prayer at civic gatherings across the nation, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, a Catholic Democrat and advocate for same-sex "marriage," recently asked for prayers for rain. In response, residents of the western Illinois town of Quincy gathered Sunday evening to pray in Jesus' name for an end to the drought.

For background, read the partial list of liberals' efforts to stop prayer in America.

-- From "Western Illinois faithful pray for rain" by The Associated Press 7/30/12

The faithful in western Illinois are heeding Gov. Pat Quinn's request to pray for rain as the state suffers drought conditions.

Quincy-area residents gathered Sunday evening for a "Pray for Rain" event. The Quincy Herald-Whig reports that several religious organizations participated in the half-hour prayer service in a local park. The Rev. Patrick Smith of St. John's Anglican Parish said it was an opportunity to "collectively ask God to do something that he can do."

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From "Drought-stricken community prays for rain" by Brooke Hasch, KHQA-TV7 (Quincy, IL) 7/29/12

Sunday evening, dozens of Quincy area churches merged at Madison Park for a city-wide prayer service. A number of pastors took to the stage for prayer as musicians from the Crossing performed the worship.

"What makes this different is that there's people from all churches here. It's not just one church individually praying but all the Christian churches in the area are meeting to pray," Neal Woollard with the Crossing in Quincy said.

"We thought it would be much more effective and that God would be very pleased that we came together as a community and put our hearts and thoughts and our minds together and pray that the Lord would open up the heavens for us and give us that blessing," Father Patrick Smith with St. John's Anglican Parish in Quincy said.

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From "Quincyans gather to 'Pray for Rain' to heal drought-plagued heartland" By Annalise Frank, Quincy Herald-Whig Staff Writer 7/29/12

Some attendees lifted their arms, swaying to Neal Woollard and Joe Fross of The Crossing's heartfelt, acoustic renditions of religious songs. Many also sang along to the hymns, "It is Well," "You Never Let Go" and "Our God." Those who didn't already know the words could glance at lyrics provided on programs given out at the event.

Between prayers, agricultural specialist Sara Fernandez gave some background on why many residents feel the area's drought is becoming grim enough to warrant organized religious intervention.

Mark Geissler, the program manager for Horizons Social Services, led the last prayer of the evening.

"He does nothing without working for the good of those that love [H]im," Geissler said. "I promise you, something good will come from this."

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