Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Episcopal Church Blesses Deviant Sexual Behavior

In a move to fulfill the Bible prophecy that churches will deny Christ in the last days, the ECUSA bishops have approved same-sex marriage liturgy and accepted cross-dressing and sexual mutilation as "gender expression" of the priesthood.
"No one shall be denied rights, status or access to an equal place in the life, worship, and governance of this Church because of . . . sexual orientation, gender identity and expression . . ."
For background, read Liberal 'Churches' Conforming to Decadent Culture and also read As Episcopalians Go Gay, Some Go Catholic as well as American Anglicans [breakaway from ECUSA] Ratify Constitution

-- From "Episcopal bishops OK trial gay blessing prayer" by Rachel Zoll, Associated Press 7/10/12

At the Episcopal General Convention in Indianapolis, the House of Bishops voted 111-41, with three abstentions, to authorize a provisional rite for same-sex unions for the next three years. The liturgy next goes to convention's deputies for their authorization.

In a separate vote Monday, the full convention approved new anti-discrimination language for transgendered clergy candidates and church members.

While critics of the different measures registered their opposition during the convention debate, many conceded ahead of the vote that they were in the minority.

"I believe it will put us, put the Episcopal Church, out of the Christian mainstream," said Bishop Edward Little of the Diocese of Northern Indiana.

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From "Episcopal Church considers same-sex blessing service" by Michael Pearson, CNN 7/10/12

If the proposal is approved, the Episcopal Church would become the largest U.S. denomination to approve a ceremony blessing same-sex unions.

The United Church of Christ endorsed same-sex marriage in 2005. The Presbyterian and Methodist churches rejected similar measures at their conferences this summer.

During Monday's debate, Bishop Nathan Baxter of Central Pennsylvania said the policy would allow the church to focus on inclusion while respecting theological differences within the church, according to the Episcopal News Service.

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From "Episcopalians set to be first big U.S. church to bless gay marriage" by David Dawson, Reuters 7/9/12

The Episcopal Church is the 14th-largest denomination in the United States with nearly 2 million adherents, according to the National Council of Churches.

The United Church of Christ, a mainstream Protestant denomination with about a million members, has gone further so far than any other U.S. church, voting in 2005 to support same sex marriage.

On Friday, the Presbyterian Church, the 10th-ranked U.S. denomination, narrowly rejected a proposal to redefine marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The decision by the bishops is the latest in a string of victories for gay-rights advocates in the United States.

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From "Episcopal church affirms transgender ordination" posted at CBS News 7/9/12

Some Episcopal dioceses already ordain transgender priests or elect transgender lay people to positions of leadership. However, advocates for the transgendered say it's important to explicitly state acceptance as the churchwide policy.

Episcopalians blazed a trail and caused an uproar in 2003 when they ordained the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

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From "Episcopal Church Clears Way for Transgender Ordination" by Lillian Kwon, Christian Post Reporter 7/9/12

Sarah Hey of StandFirminFaith.com, which supports traditional Anglicanism in America, blasted the adoption of the measure as it promotes transgenderism or cross dressing as "good and healthy."

"It has been clear for some years now that the people leading us at the national level-90% of bishops, lay and clergy deputies to General Convention, and those serving on national commissions and committees-are not competent, healthy, or ordered in their theology or foundational worldview," Hey said in a statement before the legislation was approved Monday.

"Those men with perfectly good xy chromosomes but who imagine that they are really women, and then undergo surgery and take hormones in order to further foster their beliefs or who simply cross-dress or otherwise 'differ from majority societal gender norms' cannot be 'not considered' [as priests] because of that disorder in gender identity."

The Episcopal Church's liberal direction on Scripture, particularly homosexuality, has prompted thousands to leave and form their own group (Anglican Church in North America). It has also forced Anglicans in the Global South to reconsider their communion with the U.S. body.

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From "Episcopal Church losing members as it strives for inclusion" by Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press Staff Writer 7/7/12

. . . average Sunday attendance in Episcopal churches has plunged 23% in the past decade to 657,831. In the Michigan diocese -- which includes southeast Michigan, Lansing and Jackson -- attendance has dropped 31% from 2000 to 2010. During the same time period, the number of baptized Episcopal members in the diocese dropped 30% to 20,825; nationally, it dropped 16% to 1,951,907.

Some say the drop is because the Episcopal Church has drifted too much to the left on social and political issues. . . .

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